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Can we choose our own accessories that comes with a new phone (any phone)


Can we choose our own accessories that comes with a new phone (any phone)

I have been a sprint user for over 9 years; I have had all kinds of phone from the old clam shell phones to the new touch screen phones. They all come with different accessories. Before; the phones came with a wall charger, extra extended battery, headphones, pouch cover, data cable... All nicely placed on a shiny box. (i still use my HTC Diamond box to place my gun cleaning kit). It was like Christmas. Now they all come with the bare minimum, a data cable, a USB wall charger and screen protector in a recyclable box; which is fine but...

I know times changes but that is ok. My issue is the USB wall charger. Most smartphones comes with the same thing. I have over 6 USB wall chargers in my house. I am planning to get a new smart phone which mean another USB wall charger. I am still using my HTC diamond wall connector.

and finally; here is my question. at the time of purchasing a brand new smart phone from Sprint. Can we choose something else? what I want is to have a choice between a USB wall charger and a USB car charger. I believe both of them cost the same. Also Instead of a data cable; Can I have a audio cable? a TV connector? Mini HDMI maybe? I have plenty of data cables. I think the micro usb cable is standard on most phones, cameras, bluetooth headsets... I have a data cable in every corner of the house and car so I do not need another one.

Or if we do not want any of the above; could we have a pouch?

maybe if you put a wish list where we can check mark what we want or we do not want. I am not asking for much. all I am asking is to make my experience of getting a new phone more customizable to our needs and to recycle things that are going to end up in the trash can.

All I want is a USB car charger instead of a USB wall charger...



Can we choose our own accessories that comes with a new phone (any phone)

I understand exactly what you are saying I have a bout 10 different chargers my self sitting in a drawer.  Phones are packaged by the manufactures not sprint and come with standard accessories.   To go with your suggestion the device would have to be opened one item removed and a new item inserted.  This means extra handling and of course the chance for a mistake as  people are involved.  This also means Sprint would have all the extra equipment.  It is sort of like when you buy a computer you get a power cord  they are all standard  i have about  9 or 10 of those in the house as well and same with mice which I never use.   Standard packaging is just that standard.  It may be that some one higher up will see this and decide that it is something we can do but personally I don't think it is going to change

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