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Data Usage Update Warning Will not Clear? (ICS Devices)


Data Usage Update Warning Will not Clear? (ICS Devices)

The new ICS update includes a data usage tracker which is embedded into the device.  This allows you to track your monthly usage without worrying about going over.  For Sprint customers, this is not necessary as the phone itself has unlimited data.  The application defaults to 2GB which you'll use quickly if you're someone like me.  There's currently no way to disable the application, however you can raise the limit to something you'll never use.  This will make the notification go away.

To do so:

1.  Tap Menu>Settings>More>Usage

2.  Drag the green bar up until it shows a higher usage limit (I have mine set at 12 GB)

Hope this is helpful,



Re: Data Usage Update Warning Will not Clear? (ICS Devices)

I wish there was a way to disable this altogether, The last thing we need is something running that we don't need as we have unlimited data. I believe this is one of the things making our devices battery drain faster then it did before the upgrade.

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