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Disappeared Photos Folder


Disappeared Photos Folder

My son, who is only 12, took his phone on vacation with his dad.  He took over 200 pictures and had them stored in a folder called  "Washington DC."  The day before coming home he and a relative were looking at the photos when his phone died because it want out of charge.  After he charged the phone and turned it back on to look at the photos once again, the folder and all the photos were gone.  The SD card shows that it has nothing on it.  There is nothing in the Gallery.

Does anyone know if they are gone forever or if they are retrievable?  I would so much appreciate any assistance.  Thank you.


Re: Disappeared Photos Folder

I also lost all my photos. 


Re: Disappeared Photos Folder

Maybe by chance the Media Storage Database got disturbed which would result in the photos not showing up in the Gallery App. If you have a File Explorer App

on the phone like ES Explorer, you could go to internal storage card and list out the DCIM directory which should have the directory 100media which might have

the pics. Next list out the /sdcard/ext_sd/dcim/100media which is the pic folder on the removal sd card. If the pics are in either folder, the database is hosed and needs to be rebuilt.

To rebuild, go to settings, apps, all, find Media Storage and select it, disable it and clear data and re-enable. Shut down the phone and power back up and leave set for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it

to rebuild database. If it does not rebuild use a Play Store App scanmedia which will scan the music and pic media and allow the database to rebuild

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