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Does Sprint have any plans to expand coverage in Park County Colorado?


Does Sprint have any plans to expand coverage in Park County Colorado?

So I recently purchased some land in Park County Colorado. In the next couple of years I will build a cabin over there. Unfortunately there is virtually no coverage over there. If one looks at the Sprint Coverage Map one would assume that through "Sprint Extended Coverage" one could make calls, get/send texts or maybe check email on the phone. Not the case. Every time I go there I have three or four bars on extended coverage but phone is rendered useless. I'm not sure I could make 911 call given state of Sprint Network in the area. 


I spoke with my neighbors on surrounding properties and they all have fully functioning service with other major carriers (no need to name names). I've been with Sprint for 17 1/2 years but pending any detailed information about Sprint plans to expand network and coverage in Park County Colorado I'll have to switch to one of the other major players. 


Can someone please provide any details?

"we are constantly working on expanding our coverage" - won't work to retain me. 

Please provide details, if any. 


Thank you

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