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Dropped Calls


Dropped Calls

I am becoming very very frustrated with Sprint.  I feel like I am getting the run around.

I recently swtiched to them from a competitor and set up a business account with 3 lines.

I have spoken to customer service, the tech dept and account services and still get no where.

The girl in tech out of the Oklahoma City office admitted they are getting flooded with complaints yet nothing is being done.

Needless to say I am dropping calls (keep in mind this is a business line) and I cant afford to drop a call especially a sales call.

Calls even drop while on the phone with Sprint yet nothing is being done.  Can someone please help, Im sure Im not the only one with these problems!



I'm sorry to hear about the dropped calls! I can completely understand how this can be frustrating. I'd be glad to review your area and see what's going on. Can you provide me with your current device model, along with your zipcode and cross streets to the impacted area?

I look forward to helping you!

Warm Regards,


Sprint Social Care Team


Sure call the master number on my account and I will give you the info

If I had to mention every cross street that I dropped a call on I would have a note book full

I look forward to a prompt response


I am here to help, in order to get your number, you will have to give it to us. If you don't feel comfortable placing you zip code on the thread, please PM me. Include your name, cell number, and situation.

Thank You


Sprint Social Care

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