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Evo Shift or Epic???


Evo Shift or Epic???

I could really use some help or input on which of these 2 phones is better... thanks!


Evo Shift or Epic???

Here are a few good links for comparisons.

There are some interesting comments from some of the people who reviewed these devices.  My wife has the EPIC and I love the camera on it.  The display on the EVO is a little more responsive and I am guessing that is the case with the Shift also.  I like the higher resolution on the EPIC display and would probably choose it partly due to the faster processor.

Hopefully some others will give you some ideas



Evo Shift or Epic???


     Honestly something I personally always recommend people doing is going into a Sprint store near you or any other retail store such as Best Buy and holding them in your hand and view the different features hands on. From my own personal experience with the two, just as Larry said I really like the display the Samsung Epic has on it, it's a really great display which is something to keep in mind if you plan on watching a lot of movies or multimedia on it. I really like HTC phones and the quality of product they put out and I think the shift feels more durable than the Epic, but whichever you pick I don't think you can go wrong with either phone.

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