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FREE Ringtones for Galaxy SIII


FREE Ringtones for Galaxy SIII

Hello All -

I purchased my new Galaxy on Sunday and I LOVE it!!!  I have noticed a couple issues though with the roaming, and poor reception in the house.  The other issue is where can I find FREE ringtones?  I've downloaded a couple apps from the playstore, but all they produced were ad pop-ups and surveys to take, so they were uninstalled.  Please help!!! 


Re: FREE Ringtones for Galaxy SIII

Just Google free ring tones. There are alot of sites.


Re: FREE Ringtones for Galaxy SIII

watch this video on the 'music player' .. it will show you how you can make your own ringtones from your own music! .. it helped me a lot!     better than searching... make your own!


Re: FREE Ringtones for Galaxy SIII

BRSmith4986-You can download Mp3Music download app from the Google Play store and then download and customize the music and set up as ringtones through another app called Ringdroid.

Other option to get  free ringtones is from Myxer

To get Myxer for your Android phone, please do one of the following:

On your Android phone...

•Text "androidapp" to MYXER (69937) *

•Or, point your browser to

Hope this helps


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