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First Phone?


First Phone?

I'm 12 and I'm about to be 13 and I want to get a phone for my birthday. I would like a touch screen that has a camera and is reliable. Any suggestions?

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First Phone?

I suggest you get a Rumor Touch.  For your age it would be perfect. It is a touch screen and the are many people on the Sprint Facebook page who like this phone.  I don't believe it has apps to download.  The best part for your parents is that it is not very inexpensive if they are adding a new line of service (it was free online but haven't checked gently).  It also does not have the extra $10 smartphone charge.  It does get online, however, so you need to have your parents check to see if they can add parental controls. Sorry but as a mother I would be concerned about young teenagers using smartphones without parental controls. :-).

Good luck and happy birthday. 


First Phone?

Do yourself and your parents a favor and don't go with sprint. They really are no good! This is coming from someone who has been a customer who has dealt with it all for 12 years.


First Phone?

I would ask myself what I want to do with this phone, if you get a feature phone that doesn't do anything you may end up hating the phone. Maybe you can get together with your parents and see what they will allow you to do with the device. Since you are on the cusp of turning 13, I imagine social media may be something to consider as well (you have to be over 12 to have a Facebook account). Some of the nay sayers will comment that you are too young, blah blah blah but the fact is that younger folk such as yourself are intellectually capable of operating complex devices better than us old folks. Here's the thing, this is your parents decision bottom line. Since you don't have a job yet your parents will be paying for everything so you might want to strike a deal (you do chores and what not) for what type of phone and what services you will have. I have a 13 year old that has responsibilities and chores in exchange for a cellphone and services, for me it teaches responsibilities and rewards. Always remember, the more you give, the more you get. I'm sorry if I sound like a parent but, well I'm a parent. Just talk to your parents and you will be more informed on what can be done on the phone and services you be able to get.

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