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GPS Way off


GPS Way off

GPS has been off as much as 10 miles lately in the worst case, and almost consistently off by a football field on the west side of LA. I tried to screen cap this when it showed my car in the LA River. This screen cap is off by ~150 feet. My cars' GPS have been correct.


Unsure which phone you have from your post, but hopefully you have a similar setup as others.

Which location settings do you have turned on?

  • Settings > Location > Location Setting

Make sure it's turned on. Also,

  • Settings > Location > Google's Location Service
  • Settings > Location > GPS Satellites

make sure both are enabled.

Please post your phone type and model so we can provide help specific to your phone.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.


In addition to what smotrs requested, I would also like to know your city, state and nearest cross streets so that I can confirm there are no other issues at your location.



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  • The screen capture is om my old Evo3D using Waze in Los Angeles/Long Beach at the 710 freeway just after the Long Beach Blvd on ramp.
  • Most to the south eastern corner of Los Angeles County was off.
  • Almost all of Los Angeles' west side is off. West of the 405 freeway all the way to the ocean, between the 10 freeway at the south, to the Sunset Blvd area to the north. The margin of error is often about 100-150 feet.
  • On the 10 freeway from the ocean to the 405 freeway it tells me I am on random side streets. My girlfriend has the same problem on her SII.
  • Recently I was in La Canada CA at the corner of Foothill and Angeles Crest Highway at Sport Chalet. I took a photo of a rare car and went to post it to Facebook. It told me I was shopping at Sport Chalet, but 13 miles east, in Arcadia.
  • I do frequently update my profile/prl, etc.
  • I replaced the phone for the SIII last week, and I have can only say that the freeway interchange of the 101 and 405 in Sherman Oaks CA was off by 100feet.

All of these issues happened in multiple cars, one of which is a rental car that had no other GPS to interfere with a signal.


if im remembering right theyre doing NV down in your area...which could have a impact on how your phone is receiving its GPS signal..try switching it away from pulling GPS off the network and have it pull off GPS satellites only..see if that improves anything..then switch it back to just pulling it off the wireless network..see how that one runs..see which is the lesser of the 2 evils lol

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