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Galaxy S3 vs Evo 4G LTE vs Optimus G


Galaxy S3 vs Evo 4G LTE vs Optimus G


I currently have the GS3 and my only issue is the weak antenna. Tomorrow is my last day of my 14 day return period so I am looking for advice and suggestions on whether I should stay with the GS3 or switch to the Evo 4G LTE or Optimus G.  Tell me everything good and bad but I need a strong antenna (or radio if you prefer that term) since I currently live in the basement level of the house so I need as much help as I can get for decent reception.

Thanks in Advance

Atttached are images of my coverage area


Re: Galaxy S3 vs Evo 4G LTE vs Optimus G

Stick with the GS3. The features they added into the GS3 kick the Evo LTE in the nads. I carried the Evo LTE myself and it's great. Now I have  the GS3 and it's even better. Just look at resale values. Evo LTEs going for $200, GS3s going for $350 - no contest, everyone is trying to get out of their Evo LTEs.  GS3 has Android version Jelly Bean. Evo LTE is just now getting it 2 months later. Optimus G is launching on Android Ice Cream Sandwich - really? lame.

GS3 will be supported farther down it's life cycle because it is a high end Samsung. Accessories will be designed specifically for S3 (like the focus the iphone gets).  That will not happen for the Optimus G (just look at all previous LG models, they've been garbage).

HTC didn't bring anything new and fantastic to the table with the Evo LTE -- and they went with an internal battery -- stupid .

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