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HTC EVO - Contacts no longer linking

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HTC EVO - Contacts no longer linking

For some reason, most of my contacts are no longer linking to Facebook (and they were previously); I just have alot of "silhouettes" for my contact photos.  This just started to occur about 2 days ago.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I have links showing but every time I try to link one of my contacts, it doesn't stay linked. I'm ready to just hang it up and get rid of my cell phone for good at this rate.   

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Re: HTC EVO - Contacts no longer linking

Please check that you are signed into Facebook for HTC Sense.  Go to home/menu/settings/accounts & sync/add account/facebook for HTC Sense.   It wont let you link contacts unless you are signed into THAT.

In case you already are signed into it and it still wont link, please sign out of it.  Give it maybe 5 minutes and then sign back in.  Once you link contacts on an HTC Android device, it should not ever forget the connections.  Maybe you just need to sign out and back into Facebook for HTC Sense

Also, once you sign back into Facebook for HTC Sense, please click "sync all" at the bottom of the Accounts & Sync screen.  Give it another 5 minutes to begin syncing.

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HTC EVO - Contacts no longer linking

Thanks robotaholic! That helped! I also found out that I had to edit a couple of my contacts to get them to link up. 🙂

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