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HTC Evo 4G Issues


HTC Evo 4G Issues

Hi there,

Lately I've been having some issues with the network and browser along with a few other things.  Lately it seems that I'm roaming a lot more than I should I live near Columbus, OH and never had problems before.  They seem to have started one of the recent updates.  I've also been getting error messages when I send a text (this doesn't happen often but occasionally).  Sometimes when I surf with the browser Google works perfectly fine but when I select a website from the search I basically get a 404 error and that the network cannot be found.  Anybody else having this issue? Any suggestions or fixes?

Any info is appreciated!




HTC Evo 4G Issues

I have been having the same issue since December when I got my phone. I have went into the store 4 or 5 times about it and they just update my phone and tell me it should work better. It has yet to allow me to use my data package I pay for. It is extremely slow or errors (like you said). Good luck getting a response from them!


HTC Evo 4G Issues

Yeah I mainly just use the 3G but still I pay for my phone to work not to be disappointed.  I've been fairly happy with Sprint so far with their unlimited plan.  I've done all the updates that they've put out but I may stop into one of their stores and ask about it.  Thanks for the quick reply (not a vital issue but it's nice to have some knowledge that I'm not the only one.)

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