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So i actually was liking my phone, i guess i was just extremely happy to finally have a smartphone, little did i know how bad it would be.. this phone freezes on a normal basis.. sometimes i just get soo frustrated that i just take out the battery.. AIM feature is really whack.. but anyways... thats not what this thread is about.. i was just wondering if theres any snap owners or previous users.. that have experience texting on this phone.. does anyone know why the incoming msg's wont display the time.. theyre received.. the date shows but not the time.. i dont understand that.. ive searched thoroughly through the phones settings and cannot find anything that would help this issue.(sprint suggests a hard reset.but i doubt that would fix it..) if theres any advice givers or anyone knowledgable of this phone i'd be most appreciative..



I just got my phone a week ago and have tried everything possible to get my text messages to display the time stamp(the incoming ones).  I can't figure it out either.  I don't care as much to know when I sent my messages, but it would be helpful to know when messages were sent to me.  It is driving me crazy.



I also had this problem and I contacted HTC support directly and one of their customer support personnel sent me this cabinet file. I saved it to my computer then opened Sync and added it in to My Documents. I went into my phone and opened the cab file to run it and I have had my timestamps fixed without any ill effects. Hope this helps you out.


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