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Help: HTC Evo 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone5


Help: HTC Evo 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone5

It is that time again where I am out of contract and wondering whether to get a new Sprint device or switch carriers. These are the 3 phones I have been considering: Evo 4G LTE, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.  I have only used android phones so tend to lean to androids rather than an iPhone.  Do you own or have you used any of the phones I have mentioned with the Sprint network? If so, what has been your experience (likes, dislikes, difficulties, etc)? What do you believe is the best smartphone to use with the Sprint network? Thanks in advance!


Go for the S3...That is the most advanced OS in the world. Iphone 5 is a bigger iphone 4, and that`s about it. The EVO is old stuff already


From what I read all the times, go with GS3.

I am waiting for Galaxy Note 2.


I've been with sprint from the beginning.   Just coming off contract in evo 3d.   Was going to upgrade to the new evo, but frankly I've had it with android.  Every time I blink, there are 10 applications running in the background, locking me up and slowing down the phone.  i use advanced task killer, but as quickly as the apps are killed, they come back.  what a ridiculously undisciplined operating system for a phone!  There were a few things that android did that iPhones could not - namely over the air downloads of podcasts and audiobooks.  With the new apple OS,  you can now do everything over the air.   Even my amazon music is available for streaming and download.   I've been playing with IOS6 on my iPad, and love it.  Just for the record, I absolutely abhor iTunes and use it only for backup.   With the new OS, I do not need it.   Also love the new "do not disturb" feature and the VIP mail contacts.    The real deal breaker for me is the size.  I don't want a pancake in my pocket.  That's why I have my iPad.  I want something sleek and comfortable in my pocket.  Not convinced?   Go to an apple store and play with one.  I did yesterday.  Now I wish I had preordered earlier.   One thing I may miss is the traffic info in google maps.   Although I've been transitioning to waze, so I may not miss it so much.   Waiting for my preorder iphone to arrive.   Would love to hear other comments.


Thanks for replying to my post. I do intend to go play with the iPhone5 tomorrow. One thing I do wonder about is if I will be able to transfer my current music and play it on the iphone. This would be my 1st Apple product if I purcahse it.

Also wonder about available apps for the iPhone vs for androids.

Will you be using your iPhone5 on the Sprint network?


FYI, you didn't need iTunes with iOS 5 and iPhone 4 and 4S either. OS updates were over the air. It's a longterm misconception that users "must" use iTunes to get anything onto their device. Same thing with podcasts and audiobooks. Apple came out with their own Podcast app earlier this year. However, you will need iTunes to transfer old purchased music and videos to your iPhone.

I've had a 4S for about 9 months. I've never used iTunes, never reset my device, and never had my device crash, lock-up, shutdown, or slow down (although some apps may sometimes exhibit sluggish behavior).

Google Maps in iOS never had turn-by-turn navigation and was always slightly less full-featured than the Android version.  But if you want it, you can still use the web version.  Go to Safari > maps.google.com and add a Home Screen icon.  Maps look the same and it works about the same as the former "Maps" in iOS 5.

The best things about the iPhone are that the OS is extremely simple, intuitive, and reliable. And the hardware is functional, well-built, and looks good.

iPhone users tend to just load up on apps and things to do with their device. In my experience, the iPhone gets and stays out of your way. Fiddle-factor is low. If you've got nothing to do, you've only got rows of icons to stare at.  Turn it off and live.


had evo great reception good downloads Bought galaxy s 3 friday. Does not work on 3g nerwork here in louisville ky. Signal strenth muh lower than evo. Internet connection  is so slow its not usable. Maybe works great with 4g network but not 3g returning Monday,


BB, I will be using my iphone on sprint.  Like I've said, I've been with sprint since their beginning and suffered through their bad years of customer service (remember the virtual customer service assistant?).  Today I find their service to be pretty good, although I'm disappointed that they did away with the Premier program.    Only downside is that you can't do simultaneous voice and data on iphone using sprint or Verizon.   Only AT&T.    Not a deal breaker considering we get unlimited data (for as long as that lasts).   Seeblue1 makes some good points.  One item I'll add is transferring music.   You don't need iTunes.   I use iTunes to transfer videos to my iPads, but have always used amazon streaming music service to upload my music and then redownload it to any device or stream.   It used to be free, but now they've starting charging an annual fee $20, I think, for 20gigs.    I love having all my data and music in the cloud.   I know that there is iCloud service, but I haven't tried it yet.     As far as apps, I believe there are about 700,000 for apple vs about 480,000 on android.    Android also doesn't have as strict a policy about the types of apps that are released.   In most cases, if you've already bought an app for android, you may have to repurchase it for iphone.   Best example of that is slingplayer which costs about $30.   Still, I can't wait to get away from the android "apps gone wild" atmosphere.  I notice the problem with background apps when I'm streaming through my Bluetooth headphones, which I use all the time.   I'll lose controls on the headset (A2DP) because of all the crap that starts running in the background.   When I manually open the Advanced Task Killer, I'll turn off the background apps, and then regain control.   I shouldn't have to do that.   Hope this helps.


One other item.  If you think you'll need LTE right away, then you may want to consider another carrier.  Sprint LTE will not be available in my area NYC suburb until later this year.  I have loved their 4g network up to this point and will miss the high speed for a period of time.  However, I find that in most cases I can plan and download what I need using wifi at work or home, or public hotspots.   In a pinch, I carry my iPad with me which has AT&T LTE, which is pretty reliable.


This is why I created this discussion. I have read mixed reviews on reception with the Galaxy S3. I have wondered how well this phone would function on the 3G network. We don't have LTE yet in my city; supposedly scheduled for the end of this year. I hope it's true, but not holding my breath.

Good luck with your next phone. Please let me know what you choose and how well it works/



I agree that Sprint has come a long way. I have been with them 10 years and CS has improved tremedously; it is not perfect, but just as good, if not better, than some other carrier's CS reps. I hate they did away with the Premier program too. Loved the little extras we used to receive. It made me feel appreciated.

I tend to lean towards android phones, but I do not really see any great androids that I would like to have for 2 years! I agree about all the junk that seems to pop up & runs in the background. Not a complete deal breaker for me *if* the battery can go through a full 1-2 days without charging at medium use. What does turn me off is that once the android phone is out there, manufacturers seem slow to fix known problems and to make updates readily available. I believe, though I may be wrong, that Apple tends to act quicker and therefore provides a more dependable product.

I never thought I would purchase a Apple product, but this may very well be the year Nothing personal against Apple. In some ways they remind me of Sony in not using industry standards & instead using propietary connections/accessories/etc for their products.

I will update on what phone I pick. (And it probably won't be the Sammy product!)



i have the galaxy s 3, to be honest i gave it to my brother and im about the iphone 5.

first dont get me wrong, this thing is a beast!, fast smooth, no flash though 😕

P.S im a big apple fan, but thats not going to affect what im gonna write

well it really comes down to preferences, go to a sprint store and try them both. iPhone handles the dual cores much better than android, which is why when you use an iphone its very fast and smooth, google developers have finally cracked this in Jelly bean 4.1, now also a big thing is if you have a mac, an iphone will go nice with it, since there are a couple of compability issues between macs and androids. Android although are a bit laggy, is very open and flexible, download any attachments, plug and play with music without itunes(iphone), these are software.


the s3 has 2gb ram, 1.5 dual core processor, iphone 5 has, 1.2ghz dual core, 1gb ram

now you may think since galaxy s 3 has more ram its much better'? now, because iPhone handels Ram better, and processes it faster.

the Galaxy s 3 does have NFC which iphone doesnt, this is a neat feature that i have used a couple of times in mcdonalds, 7eleven and participating stores, it is very amazing and even cashiers look at me with a WOW how did u do that? face.

both cameras are 8mp, panorama, but S3 has way more software features like burst shot, sports mode, and more add-ons, iphone's camera doesnt have to many.

Display: iphone 5 has 4.0 and s3 4.8, i find iphone 5 fitting perfectly, and on my galaxy i find myself using two hands to hold, and i have a large hand, its too big for my preferences.

Memore is about the same (built in), outside s3 wins because it can hold more (micro sd card)

it all comes to personal preferences.

Im going with iphone because apple has amazing customer service and goes well with my iMac

email if you have any more questions

for those who are against at what i had to say

i have both phones

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