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Help: HTC Evo 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone5


Help: HTC Evo 4G LTE vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone5

It is that time again where I am out of contract and wondering whether to get a new Sprint device or switch carriers. These are the 3 phones I have been considering: Evo 4G LTE, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.  I have only used android phones so tend to lean to androids rather than an iPhone.  Do you own or have you used any of the phones I have mentioned with the Sprint network? If so, what has been your experience (likes, dislikes, difficulties, etc)? What do you believe is the best smartphone to use with the Sprint network? Thanks in advance!


As a owner of the new EVO 4G LTE (with no LTE as of yet in my area of Philly) I am fine with Ice cream sandwich 4.0.4 as I own a Motorola Xoom Wifi that got the official Jellybean 4.1.1 direct from Google early.

HTC Sense 4.0 is definitely less intrusive over stock android and since I did not get my EVO 4G LTE through Sprint directly it did not come with all the "bloatware" carrier apps pre-installed this time as like I experienced on the original (OG) EVO I got from a sprint store two years ago. To be fair I hope this is something Sprint left off the device in favor of the customer this time since the apps were non-removable and wasted crucial ram on the device.

ICS optimizes the 1gb of RAM very nicely and the 12gb (16gb total) of user friendly memory for apps etc is utilized efficiently. The Camera is super fast and the camera shutter button is very useful for quickly launching the camera app.

You no longer have the ablility to move apps over to the SD card which I presume is why no SD card comes with the device only a slot for one micro-SD  uptoo 32gb.

Battery life is probably the most crucial aspect of android device when compared to iOS devices and if that's the case for you. I would refer new or less experienced too Samsung to try the S3 or Note 2.

HTC EVO 4G LTE does NOT have a removeable battery, but the 2000mah is a very nice upgrade in comparison to the AT&T HTC One X is the same exact model as the EVO 4G LTE. At least with Samsung S2, S3, Note series androids the battery can be removed so you can just carry additional batteries when your out and about in the wild and don't have access to AC power for extended periods of time.

With that said though about battery power, I am getting double the up time on my EVO 4G LTE compared to the Original EVO.

8-11 hours normal use with screen on use and 18 hours of screen off stand-by use for my current HTC EVO 4G LTE, But I also currently have the CDMA only network selected and only turn on the NFC and Bluetooth when I use those connectivity services.

My most favorite feature of the HTC EVO 4G LTE is definitely the camera, HTC did a extremely nice job of improving the lag experiences over the last EVO and the added instagram features are very cool to have built in along with the panarama shoot mode Android gives yeah.

My only negatives I found so far is there is no more wiper in the HTC Sence weather app and there no option in the camera to have timestamps on your photos (good for case work) and I cannot find how to turn the shutter sound off.


HTC fixed most of the launcher issue Apple persued them in court for I noticed, but there is a easy to understand option in settings to set defaults for apps like Microsoft has had for Windows.


To be impartial, this same issue could happen to any device regardless of branding.


I was going to wait a few more days to write this but here's my impressions so far:

I've had my iPhone 5 for 2 full days now, and I have to say, I really love the form factor.     I read all about the quality control issues with people receiving scratches.   Mine was pristine, sandwiched between plastic on both sides.     I had ordered a cheap translucent case in advance, and immediately put it on.    Even with the case, it's smaller and lighter than the Evo 3D.    It's the white 64 gig model and looks like a mini version of my IPAD.   The OS is familiar.     I don't have the widgets that were built into HTC sense, like the weather (with thunder and lightning).    That was always cute, but not really necessary.    Also, used to have a calendar agenda widget that showed my calendar.    Again, I'm not really missing it.    This is really easy to carry and looks beautiful.    I'm amazed at how responsive and smooth it is.    Haven't really used it much on 3G because I have Wifi everywhere.     Everything just flies.     I love the new VIP e-mail.    Most notifications are turned off to save battery, except for VIP mail.    When I get an e-mail from my VIP list, the phone makes a specific noise, and the flash goes off.     Really cool.   No more wading through loads of crap e-mails to see the really important one.    Also love the Do Not Disturb feature.    No more waking up in the middle of the night because I accidently had a calendar reminder set at 12 midnight.

Activation was not clear from the packaging.    There was a letter that referred me to "activation instructions" in the box, which were not there.    I called Sprint and was able to activate it through their automated system.     Transfer of my old number to the new phone took about 10 minutes.    Very seamless.    Call quality was very good.    Only used it in my house.      I do a lot of audiobooks and podcasts with bluetooth headsets, and the signal is much stronger than my EVO.      With the EVO, if I bent over I would lose the audio.    Not anymore.

Used to use Dogcatcher for Android, but now use Downcast.     I tried the Apple podcast app, but couldn't find variable speed playback.     Contrary to some other comments on this thread, Audible, Podcasts, and Music will play in the background while other apps are running.     I listen to audio while navigating.     Navigation:   There's a lot of noise about Apple Maps.     I tried it.   Works with Siri, which is nice.     For me, it works fine.    It gives you your ETA based on traffic, but I miss how Google Maps on Android would show you an overview of your route with traffic.    I did the Google maps setup on the phone, putting a shortcut on the desktop.    Gives you a similar feel, but not the same.       Before I switched, I experimented with WAZE, which I'm starting to really love.     It's free, but needs a cell signal to work.     I'm reasearching for a mapping app, where I can download the maps, but still get good traffic info.    Any suggestions are welcome.    Don't mind spending a few bucks on this.

The camera, video, screen resolution, are all excellent.    I know the EVO 3D has a mediocre screen (in comparison), and all the new phones have improved on them.     I can take a video, then turn on the Apple TV, and watch it on my 55 inch screen in stunning detail.     That's the other reason I switched.    LOVE AirPlay with the Apple TV.     Yes, I know there are other geeky solutions that will work, but this is just so easy and elegant.    No setup required.   Plug and play.

Battery life is so-so.    I barely made it through the day before I got home yesterday.    Not a major issue for me because I always have chargers everywhere (need to buy some additional cables at the Apple Store - $19.99).   A co-worker, who is a real Apple - head says he's having an issue with Wi-Fi.    It's draining his battery too fast (he's timed it).   He's taking it back to the Apple store to have someone look at it.      I'll try a real full day test tomorrow.     Hopefully soon there will be 3rd party "battery packs" soon for emergency power.    Plan to get one once they come out with the new connector.      I'll post again as I use this more, but so far, no regrets.     No plans to return it.


It's true it could happen with any brand. I asked because of reported problems of activating the iPhone, quality control issues such as light leakage, and customers receiving damaged iPhones. Nothing against the iPhone. Just trying to get all the facts before making a choice


Awesome. This sounds very encouraging! I played with it slightly in the store and it was nice, but was missing the android experience. Planning on playing with it again soon setting aside any 'android' expectations. I did like the display and have always thought iPhones camera were good. That said, still haven't given up on my androids yet.

Putting a case on any phone is a great idea! I always have and always will!

What's an iPhone battery pack? I thought the iPhone battery is embedded?

Thanks for sharing & wishing you the best with your new phone!


External battery.    They make some that double as cases, or something that plugs in to charge the battery.  

Never used one, because up to this point, I've always had multiple batteries with all my phones.


I am just going to post up a couple of links to youtube videos they show the one x but the evo lte is like the one x extreme i would say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqVNET4Tuno < thats about media link and this is about display>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53ofJEi2kxA



I have many friends who have had an IPhone for personal and a Droid for work.  Three of the four have since dropped the IPhone and moved to Droid.  The main reason was the speed of the Driod and the size of the screen being larger than the IPhone.  I personally do not like Apple Products; however, with that said....I find them to have a superior battery life and a more durable case.  That is all I like about their system.

The IPhone 5 is limited in the amount of storage on the phone and of course you have to pay much more to get the larger storage.  Whereas the Android Galaxy SIII has the ability to add more memory onboard.  As an attorney I cannot risk using the cloud to store and access my data while in Court (we have the ability to use our devices in the courtroom for trial purposes and it has irritated some judges when device users have issues with the cloud services.)

Droid has been good to me so far and I plan to get a Galaxy SIII tonight.


I have read tons of posts on comparing these 3 phone and I think it comes down to what u want out of ur phone. I am a android user until the end. I feel in love with android after palm pre.  My mom is an iphone user and loves it. Most of my co-workers are Apple and iphone users but when I got my galaxy S3, a lot of my co-workers wanted to play with it and now 3 of them have gotten the galaxy 3. I'm just not a fan of the Apple operating system and I don't see how it can be easier to use than android. I have played with all the iPhone's andI can't see how they compare to the galaxy. I have faster speeds than my co-workers and sprint is the only carrier that works at my job. I love to multitask and it is just easier with android. I had the first EVO and I did have task killer but with the New EVO and the galaxy you don't need it. All of them have a one click option to stop ur tasks from running in the background. With the new android phones, battery life has greatly improved. I can get 10-12 hours out of my galaxy with 15% battery life left. I love it! I just can't convert to apple that limits so much of what you do by having to go through iTunes or you have to find an app to get around it...No thanks. I love to just drag and drop movies and music from my computer to my phone and I'm done. Not to mention I am an avid Google use and I love how galaxy had incorporated Google into its system. I have great service with 3 G and it is very fast compared to the iPhone 4 s, we have compared at work and I won! But really, even the IT guy at work who has an iPhone 5 is not impressed because the 5 is not a real upgrade and for the the price, he was not impressed. He admitted the Apple needs to step it's game up but just like someone said previously he has invested time and money to those iphone apps and use. Even my mom is jealous! I just wanted to give an updated review to point out make sure ur phone works for u. I didn't even realize that android doesn't have all the apps that apple has because I have yet to find one that my mom has that I don't. There are no shortcomings with the galaxy s 3 and I'm staying with android because I have no reasonto switch to apple. My co-worker went from android to iphone and she just bought my old Evo because she did not like apple! All of the phone are good choices but I'm never letting go of android because it works great for me!


Hello all btw great topic

First thing I suggest is look at your real needs

I stood with htc much richer os over the s3

Better better life

Still was able to get  flash from the market

Don.t get my wrong the s3 nice and all

I gave it a test run

It failed me in all aspect

Awful os

Battery  die in looking for a signal

All around NYC

Could .t even use it in my own home

Where I knew I had service

As awful as sprint is

My htc  give me service with no problems

I had a htc evo 4g before the lte

I personal think the htc antennas

Might be or place in a better location

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