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I have an iphone 4 that wont charge no matter what charger its hooked up to, i think the charger port is broke. I was wondering if i would get a replacement phone from sprint? i would take it to a store but im at school in Lock Haven and there really arent any stores out here except walmart. If i cant get a replacement phone what should i do???


Re: Help!!


Thanks for your post. Did you purchase AppleCare for the device? Have you taken this to a Sprint Service and Repair Center or an Apple Store? When was the last time it charged? Please let me know, thanks!


Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Help!!

When you plug in the charger, does the iPhone "come on" and display a battery and charging status?  If so, it's trying to charge and your cable and charger are OK. The battery may be bad.

Have you tried charging from a computer using the USB cable (without the power supply block)?  If so, the problem may be with your power supply block.

Have you tried a different power supply block than the one that came with your phone? If another one works, then your block is faulty.

Have you tried re-seating the USB plug and iPhone power plug and tried using a different wall outlet?

Do you regularly allow your phone to run down to zero or under 20% before you place it on charge?  If so, you may have destroyed your battery or decreased it's normal lifespan (many years).

Is your phone more than 2 years old and you've been rough on the battery? See above.

Have you used another charging source or power supply which wasn't for your device?  You may have damaged the power supply.

Like noted previously, if you have AppleCare+, Apple will give you a replacement if it's faulty. If you're under warranty (2 year warranty) and it's faulty, Apple will offer a replacement.

Depending on what you want to do, you can buy used devices from Sprint, eBay, Craigslist, etc. or if your phone is out of warranty, send it to a repair facility to get it fixed (possibly Apple or Mission Repair).

Meanwhile, if you gotta have a phone, you could get by with a free Tracphone or something else from Walgreens, etc.  while you get your phone repaired.  A new IP4 battery from Mission Repair is about $40 (they do the replacement).

Lastly, you could even get a Sprint flipphone off Craigslist (very inexpensive), etc. and transfer your current number and still be able to text and call (then transfer back after fixing the IP4).


Re: Help!!

No i dont have apple care but i still have apple year warranty, and no i haven't taken it to a store because im at school and there are none up here. The last time it was charged was the night before it died.


Re: Help!!

WHen i plug it to a charger it doesn't show anything but when i press the home and power button it shows that my phone needs to be connected to power.I have tried connecting my phone to everything and it still doesnt charge. My phone is less than a year old.

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