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I'm on my 3rd Evo Lte in 8 months and I am over it.


I'm on my 3rd Evo Lte in 8 months and I am over it.

I have  been  a Sprint Customer for over 10 years and have been pretty happy with service and phones. But now I am getting fed up.  I got the Evo Lte in August ( before that I had original evo for 2 years and Hero for a year), I have liked Htc product.    In December my original lte just started rebooting and never stopped, so I took it in and gave me another.  2 weeks later that one was getting really slow speeds, I called sprint and they said it was due to lte towers going up, it would be a few months, and gave me a $25 dollar credit for 2 months.  Along comes march, still slow, I finally go to a store, and they tell me it's not the towers, it's the phone.  They replace it again., now on my 3rd phone in 8 months.  This phone has issues that GPS doesn't work right.  Always says weak signal.  I've reset the phone, all that good stuff.

It's 25 miles to nearest sprint corporate repair store.   Customer service told me after the 3rd replacement sprint will look into a comparable phone to replace with.  Anyone know is that is true? Also, what if I don't want that phone? I don't mind for paying for something I do want if they allow it like an upgrade.  All I want is dofor my service and phone to work the way it's supposed to.

Also, has there been any changes in terms of service recently that I could use to get out of contract?



Re: I'm on my 3rd Evo Lte in 8 months and I am over it.

I wouldn't put much stock into what they tell you at the store.  I went through the same issues and the store factory reset my original EVO 3 times.  I was told by a high ranking tech at corporate whom I got in touch with after the problem occuring yet again that for them to have reset my phone that many times was absurd.  All the stores are interested in are the quick fix to get you out of the store since you aren't there to buy anything.  The c.s.r.'s at corporate are also pretty ignorant on how to fix problems and you may have to keep climbing the chain of command, which you will be told a different thing each time as to why your phone won't work.  Most of the time when your phone malfunctions it's due to a software code issue or the horribly put together o.s. Sprint throws together.  Raise a rucous with them until you find a tech who is actually willing to work with you and not just tell you to reset your phone!

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