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IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2


IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2

I have a quick question that I need a answer to. I have both a Iphone 5 and a Galaxy Note 2 and  Ive noticed that when it comes to doing data realted things my IPhone 5 is really a hit and miss, Problems uploading and download feeds on Instagram and etc, Streaming music is a hit and miss also. But On my Galaxy Note 2 I dont really have them problems, Im able to download apps with no problem with out them timing out unlike my IPhone 5. Is there something about the network that makes these two phones work diferently with data? also I am not in a lte area just yet but my Note 2 picks up the ehrpd signal in Columbus Ohio.


Re: IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2


Hello! Thanks so much for the post and sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with 3G data on the iPhone 5! Have you tried turning LTE off on your iPhone 5? Also, do you have the latest firmware update? Another tip would be to power-cycle your device and when the device powers back up, dial out to ##UPDATE# and press call.

Let me know if that helps at all!



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Re: IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2

I am having the same problem with my iphone 5 i cant download apps im always going from 3g to "o" i dont know why and i have an airave at home so i wouldnt see why it would go to "o" and i tryed the ##873283# already please help and i also turned off the lte i even turned off roaming everything


Re: IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2

Hi guys,

Sorry to hear about your iPhone 5 troubles. If a ##UPDATE# does not work for you (service update), or if the service updates says it fails, then I would recommend redoing OTA activation. If this seems like a complicated thing to do then you can take your phone to the nearest Sprint Authorized Service Center and request them to do it. But if you're willing to try it yourself, here's the steps to do it:

1) First, perform an iCloud backup over Wi-Fi by going to Settings > iCloud. Ensure that iCloud is enabled and that your Contacts are set to ON so that they will be backed up. Then go to Storage and Backup (at the bottom). If you have slow Wi-Fi you can hook your phone to your computer and do a backup over iTunes which may be much faster.

2) Once you have your phone backed up go back to Settings > General > Reset (at the bottom) > and choose the "Erase All Content and Settings" option.

3) Your phone will now format itself, reset to factory settings and reboot. You will see the Apple logo and a loading bar for a couple minutes or so. Once it's done it will turn back on to the "Slide to Unlock" screen.

4) Once the phone turns back on you will go through the OTA (Over-the-Air) activation process again. This process is pretty self explanatory and it will ask you to choose a language, country, Wi-Fi network, etc.

5) Eventually you will come to a screen that wants to know if you'd like to restore your phone from either an iCloud or iTunes backup. Choose whichever option you performed earlier, either iCloud or iTunes, then enter in your iTunes/iCloud ID and password. If you performed an iCloud backup then once you log in it will show you your latest backup you did and give you the option to restore from that. If you did an iTunes backup it will ask you to hook your phone to the computer so iTunes can open and restore the data.

6) Once the backup is complete it will ask you a few more questions and then take you to your home screen. After a brief moment it should popup a notification saying "iPhone is Activated" and you just hit dismiss. Quickly double check to make sure your contacts and settings were restored with the backup.

7) If they were then proceed to check your voice and data quality and see if your service has improved.

The benefit of redoing activation, especially if a service update (##UPDATE#) fails is that the phone will reprovision over the network and update it's PRL and data profile, which is what the service update attempts to do.

Hope this helps.

-Ryan C.

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