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Iphone 4S?


Iphone 4S?

Rumored to be an iphone possibly coming to T-Mobile or Sprint this fall, maybe in time for the holidays.

Could this be the iphone many of you were hoping for?  For Apple's sake, it couldn't hurt the numbers game...

For Sprint, this would add yet another Great addition to the Many available today...

Your thoughts?


Iphone 4S?

I'd rather have the Iphone 5 (since it seems as though it may release the same time).  I have a EVO right now, and I love it, but the battery thing is really getting on my nerves. 

What I don't understand though, is why Sprint won't allow a Verizon Iphone on their network.  Why do they care whether it is a Sprint Phone or a Verizon phone,  they will make $$ on the monthly service charge (unless I am missing something).

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