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Is the I-Phone coming to Sprint?

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Is the I-Phone coming to Sprint?

Is the I-phone coming to Sprint?  Waiting and waiting for a useable phone.


Is the I-Phone coming to Sprint?

I would love to give a definite yes or no answer to this question, however at this time there is not one. As far as I can find there has been no announcements by either Apple or Sprint on the I Phone coming to Sprint. So at the present time no. This could change in the future Sprint Newsroom is a good place to look for announcements of the type. Sprint has several devices both EVO and EPIC come to mind that have similar functions and may meet your requirements for a device


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Is the I-Phone coming to Sprint?

that would be true if he were asking about the evo or epic, he was not. Like me, he wants an iPhone. I would think the shear volume of threads in this forum asking for an iPhone would be enough to clue you guys in that your customers WANT A SPRINT IPHONE!!! Give your customers what we want!


Is the I-Phone coming to Sprint?

I agree! I am an avid Mac user and would rather sync my calendar and contacts to my Mac-vs-Google. I left Verizon to come to Sprint (before Verizon got the I-phone) and have been satisfied with the Sprint Network. I'm not happy with the lack of Mac support. I have the Epic 4g and it isn't compatible. If these manufactures want to sell to Sprint, then Sprint should have enough consideration, for us Mac persons, to demand 100% Mac compatibility. For Sprint to be outgunned by customer-no-service companies like AT&T and Verizon shows a lack of vision and concern by the Sprint powers to be.

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