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Is there a Virus from update on EVO 3D?


Is there a Virus from update on EVO 3D?

I had repeating text messages this morning...thought updating would help...instead it erased all contacts, preferences, etc. from my phone...and I am STILL getting the SAME text messages about every 3 minutes.  My messages are not going out and I'm ready to throw my phone against the wall!!

I updated to 2.89.651.271ORD if that means anything!!


MJB6 Ouch, but I think the repeated text messagea are not caused by a software issue but either by a network error or an error with how your device connects to our network.  Please try to update your data profile and then powercycle your device.

If that does not work please let me know your cross streets and zip code so that I can check your area for outages.

In regards to all your data getting errased: did your data somehow not get backed up when you installed the update?

- Mark

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