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LG Mach vs Motorola Photon Q


LG Mach vs Motorola Photon Q

help! i'm about to upgrade my device...i need a phone with a full qwerty keyboard, and i'm having a hard time choosing between the LG Mach and the Motorola Photon Q. I've done all the online comparisons and i've talked to the sprint reps at all the sprint stores in my area, but no ones seems to have any real world experience with both devices

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Re: LG Mach vs Motorola Photon Q


Thanks for your post.

The difference between these phones is obviously going to come down to preference but you can help narrow down by identifying your needs.

I have a bit of experience with the Photon Q and I can tell you it's a very good phone for Enterprise and work use. The phone is really geared to provide security and functionality to enterprise environments such as Exchange Active Sync. Motorola has focused much of their effort on making this device fully capable to business needs where the LG Mach may not have as many features in this area. Just my two cents.. Perhaps some other users can jump in here and share their experience with the LG.

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Re: LG Mach vs Motorola Photon Q

ok so i made my decision and chose the lg mach....any help getting an MTP transfer with Windows XP? i tried downloading a driver, plugged in my phone with the usb cable, then it acted like it was installing and i had 2 restart my computer, but when it came back up nothing happend....any help would be greatly apreciated... (note: i have a windows 7 laptop,and it works fine on there, i'm just trying to get this done on my xp desktop)

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