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Looking to upgrade phone this week. Any suggestions?


Looking to upgrade phone this week. Any suggestions?

Currently both my daughter and I have the Samsung Exclaim (Blueberry and Raspberry)  we both have the same issues so I am looking to upgrade and need some advice!  The Exclaim has been a pretty good phone, I do not like the fact that you cannot utilize MP3 ring tones, they have to be some other format so when we received the devices and found we could not transfer those older ringers that was upsetting.  Also, after about 6 months of use the screen started to loose the color, clarity and began to have a few red streaks during photos and then onto the screen savers all the time.

No flash on the camera was kind of an issue as well but that is minor.  She loves to text, she likes the style of the new Android 4G phones but we have heard that these smart phones run just like computers, after a while they lock up.  I know that she uses the Internet a lot I worry that a smart phone will not last her.  Our current phones for those who are not familiar slide up long ways for key pad dial feature and slide open sideways for full text keyboard.  We both like that feature and prefer to keep that as well.  Over the weekend we saw commercials for the Android EVO 4G I believe that is a smaller version of the EVO released in 2010 I think?  I believe that phone has the full texting key board if I am not mistaken.

I don't spoil my kids, she is getting this new phone for 2 year renewal and that is all she wants for her birthday and Christmas.  Being an honor roll student with all the other amazing things she does I feel it is time to get her something very nice that will last a while.

I hope someone out there can assist and guide us in the right direction?!?  Thanks so much for any assistance!

Crystal, Indiana

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Looking to upgrade phone this week. Any suggestions?

If you looking for a 4G Android phone with slide out keyboard, you should take a look at HTC EVO Shift (this is the one you must have seen the commercials for) or the Samsung Epic.

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