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Lost SIM card


Lost SIM card

I just ran over my phone with my lawnmower. I have a spare phone,but I need a replacement SIM card.


Lost SIM card

Looks like it's $35 to replace it.  And you have to call Telesales to order one. 

(1-800-SPRINT1) (800) 777-4681



Lost SIM card

Many Repair Centers have SIM cards you can buy for around the same price. Your best bet is to try an Indirect (third-party) service center. They are more likely to carry them. Some even carry used SIM cards for $5-10.

You can also find them on eBay for $0.89-$5.00


Lost SIM card

What kind of phone do you  have  is it a nextel device or a sprint device.  Unless it is a Sprint wolrd phne  it does not have a sim card but a memory card.  You can get them at any store that sells micro sd cards like walmart   If it is a SIM card for a nextel Phone I would advise goint thru telesales as Tom said   All SIMS are not the same 

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