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M9 Charger Battery Discharges


M9 Charger Battery Discharges

My M9 battery discharges instead of charges if I don't use the stock AC plug.  It won't charge via factory install USB in my vehicle with original cable either.  Lately the original charger doesn't charge to 100% even when left overnight for eight hours or more. Am I an isolated case?


Re: M9 Charger Battery Discharges

you might need to back up the phone and reset it. i have the old charging cable from my M7 in my truck, bedroom and one at my girlfriends house and they all work running the quick charger for my Flex2 in my living room and that works just as it should. i have heard of a charging bug from a few posters but i have yet to see it personally..actually now that im thinking of it i might have seen it happen once or twice since i have owned this phone but not enough for it to be memorable.

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