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Moved to new area, no longer have service


Moved to new area, no longer have service

I recently moved from Los Angeles to Billings Montana and I saw before I went that sprint claims to cover 99.9 percent of the country in services....turns out this area is the 1 percent they do not cover apparently. I have called multiple times since my move in date as I could not text, call, or get on the internet, any apps nothing... I called sprint and spoke to maybe 5-6 different people. One person said they would call back in 3-5 business days and see if they can use a cell tower already out here to ping a signal for our services. Didnt work. Next person suggested we go to a place with wifi and troubleshoot the phones. Didnt work... and the third gave us a number to call and saying it might help, it didnt and the phone number was non existant... the fourth person we spoke to transferred us to someone where they confirmed there is no service out here and that our best choice would be to cancel our services as there is nothing they could do at this that's what we did and the person on the call said that there would be no cancellation fees charged to us as they can confirm there is no service in our area... we cancelled the services and we shipped out our note 8 phones back as we were leasing them...they said we wouldn't have to pay the purchase price if we returned the phone..great we did that. Today someone called and said we owe 800 dollars in cancellation fees and did not want to listen when stated that someone else told us there would be no cancellation fees.... what am I supposed to do at this point? The person wanted us to get our services back on and continue paying our bill for service we cannot even use in the slightest....why what is the point.... why pay for a service we can't use??? Because apparently paying the rest of the contract is better than 800 up front but thing is were not going to pay either because a) we were ensured no early cancelling fees and b) why pay for a service I can't use.....someone want to help me sort this out?

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Re: Moved to new area, no longer have service

Hello snowymontana, I'd like to take a look into this matter. I have sent you a Private Message, feel free to reply at your earliest convenience.

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