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Multiple Contact Entries


Multiple Contact Entries

Even after getting a replacement phone for the $100 deductible (which is another tale of woe), I have literally hundreds of duplicate entries in my contact list, causing the "new" Galaxy S to freeze and crash (force close). The gent at the Sprint store stated I had to delete the duplicate contacts on my computer, but they just reload. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it bye-bye Sprint, hello Verizon?


Multiple Contact Entries


If it has been less than 30 day since the contacts duplicated in your Gmail account then there is an option on your gmail account to revert back to what was saved by Google within the last thirty days.  Once you hace done this all you have to do is reset you device and resync with your Gmail account and you should be duplicate free.


Sprint Employee

Multiple Contact Entries

Also keep in mind that Gmail contacts offers a duplicate cleanup wizard, then may have been duplicated if somebody had exported them to SD, and reimported them, or exported/reimported with the contact transferring machine in a store, if the contacts already existed in the phone/google.

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