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Need help finding "basic" phones that will work for my plan


Need help finding "basic" phones that will work for my plan

I have an old plan, Free and Clear, 300 minutes a month, I've disabled text messaging.  Has unlimited nights and weekends etc.  It definately does not have a data plan.  Below are a list of the phones Sprint lists that will work for my current  plan.  I was hoping someone out there may be able to assist in finding more phones that will work, that I can buy on the cheap on eBay.

If there is one out there, I would love a candy bar style phone with a touch screen, that does not have a slide out QWERTY keyboard.  Basically it looks like a smart phone but isn't one, because they won't activate it under my account without a data plan.  If at all possible, it would be cool if it had some sort of WiFi function that I could get internet access at home with my WiFi router.  Camera and Video would be nice.  The reason I am looking for no slide out keyboard, and a smooth touch surface is that in some of my recreational activities fine dust and dirt seems to end up covering my phone.  I found that buttons stop working because of the dirt and dust.  I'm hoping the less buttons, the fewer problems  I'd have.

Brands I'd be interested in Samsung, HTC, LG.

LG Rumor Reflex™

LG Remarq™ Pre-owned

LG Rumor Touch™ Pre-owned

These are the 3 of the 7 they list that come close to what I'm looking for.  The others are mostly flip phones.

I thought maybe the Samsung Instinct S30 would work.  Sprint Customer Service says the Instinct HD wouldn't work.

The HTC Hero is exactly what I would like, but Sprint says it is a smartphone and requires a data plan.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Sprint Employee

Re: Need help finding "basic" phones that will work for my plan

You do have a very limited selection if you intend to stay with your current plan, The instinct, Instinct HD, and Instinct S30 require a simply everything, or everything data share, as would PDA phones.


Re: Need help finding "basic" phones that will work for my plan

Yeah, I know I'm pretty limited, however, the 3 choices I have on the Sprint Website are the most recent models released, and thus are very costly.  There has to be comparable models from 2-3 years ago that would suit my needs as well.

Other than the term "Sprint Basic Phone" what are the key words, tech specs, I need to search on to find older models that would work with my plan?

I know smart phones are out of the questions, but as you mention above some of the non-smart phones apparently need simply everything, or everything data share.  How do I weed those out at well?

Any Samsung or HTC models out there similar to the LG ones?

Thanks again for the input.

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