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New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

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New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

Hi all,

In the next couple of months, I will be eligible for the $150 discount on a new phone if I renew my two-year contract. I'm the type of person who over-researches things, so I started digging through phones and looking at pricing.

It looks like if I purchase an Evo 4G online through my Sprint account, it will come to $349.99.  This is a regular price of $499.99 minus the $150 discount from my account.  However, if I go through Sprint's online store as a "new customer," I get a price of $99.99 with a base price of $449.99 minus a discount of $350.00.  This is a whopping $200 difference in the discount, not to mention the $50 difference in the base price of the phone itself.  I was under the impression that people who were up for contract renewal got the same discount as any new Sprint customer?

Does anybody know of a way that can be used to apply a similar discount for an existing Sprint customer who is eligible for a phone upgrade? I'm not trying to take advantage of the system, I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something.



New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

That is perplexing.  We certainly wouldn't want you to have to cancel your line just to get new customer pricing.  I'm more than happy to take a look at your account and make some inquiries on your behalf.  You can private message by clicking on my avatar, I will need your name and Sprint phone number. 



New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

You get the same price as a new customer if you call telesales...can't speak for the online store other than to say that the online store "shows" the same prices as the new customers get on my account...


New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

When you are eligible for the full $150 discount, the instant rebates you are seeing on the "new customer" page should also show up. The "new customer" price is a combination of the $150 mail-in rebate and instant discounts to bring it down to the $99 price-point.


New Contract vs Renewal phone prices

Thanks for the input!  I'm glad to see that the "new customer" discount applies after 22 months.  I'll be sure to check once I'm eligible (still a couple of months to go). In the meantime, I get to decide which phone I want since it doesn't look like Sprint is getting the new HP Pre 3

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