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New HD Voice capable phones?


New HD Voice capable phones?

Does Sprint have any new phones in the works with HD Voice capability?  So far I believe the new EVO is the only one with this feature. 


Re: New HD Voice capable phones?

i think thats the only one so far...which no one will be able to really use until the NV upgrades are done..

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Re: New HD Voice capable phones?

Right.  And then the odds of being able to use it will still be really low since the person on the other end probably won't have an EVO. Maybe I can start an "HD callers" club of fellow EVO owners who call each other just to hear what HD sounds like.

Seriously, though, the carriers need to get together and push this so it takes off.  It's the 21st century and we still have Musak (pre satellite) quality voice.

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