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New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone


New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

I have a Galaxy S2, which formerly ran ICS, but I have reason to believe malfunctioned overnight when it was updating to Jellybean, its new OS that was supposed to roll out a few days ago on all S2s.

I dont know what to do--I know it's easter and my sprint store will be closed, but my phone updated overnight (from what I can tell) and now:

1. my phone wont charge. It's saying it is at 0% all of the time

2. It turns off after about 30 seconds, even when plugged in.

3. It keeps saying that the date is December 31st at 7pm. (It's March 31st. 8:30am)

4. When it is on, it keeps mentioning "Android Update" in various stages.  "Initiallizing Update..." --phone goes off and on 10 times-- "Update complete OK" (phone still is doing the same thing as earlier)

All of this happened overnight.  In fact, I had made a phone call at 11:00pm, and my phone was still in great shape.

What should I do?? Is there any way to fix this on my own??


Re: New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

yes there is actually.

Try looking on Google for SAMSUNG KIES. That's Samsung's original software updating program. Download and install in on your PC, after that connect your phone to the PC using the usb provided. Update the software using KIES.

If it doesn't work, post here, I have something else for you in mind, but it's a little more complex.


Re: New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

Yeah, I already have KIES, and it cant even communicate with my phone because my phone is constantly off.

I have been able to connect them, but it only lasts for 10 seconds or so, and I cant get anything accomplished.


Re: New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

ok .. then you can actually do something else .. it`s a little bit complicated but it will do the trick since you actually need the phone off.

First, you`ll need an image of the Android version. That`s basically the operating system. You can get that from this website: Make sure to get the Sprint version.

After that, you`ll need a software called ODIN. Google it and download it from a trusted website ( like ).

Once you got those 2 things, let me know. it will take a while because the Android file is quite big. But this is actually the hard part. After you have those 2 things, you`ll have the phone up and running in 10 mins max


Re: New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

it turns out the update bricked my phone at this point! I appreciate your help, but I ended up getting sprint to replace my phone for free.  The phone wasnt even communicating with the computer after a few hours.


Re: New Jellybean Update Ruined my Phone

you are aware that even if Sprint replaced ur phone for free, ur still in danger ?

Because they`ll be giving you another SGS2, that will be getting the same update, from ICS to JB.

This softbrick (as long as the phone keeps on turning on it-s just softbricked and you can fix it ) happens if something goes wrong during the download part or the installation process. most likely what happened here is that the download got corrupted and then the phone tried to install it like that => softbrick.

Anyways ... once you get the replacement phone, update it manually using KIES, not OTA !!!

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