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Now we know why no new Windows Phones....


Now we know why no new Windows Phones....,2817,2398768,00.asp#disqus_thread  In this interview, VP of product realization David Owens says that the Windows phone was not selling because of the "user experience". Sprint is only selling 1 Windows phone, the Arrive and it has a 4.5 (out of 5)  average rating by the users. Come on Sprint, look around, you have a whole community of windows phone users that want a new Windows flagship phone. Checkout the new AT&T Windows Phone HTC Titan (4.7" Screen) or HTC Titan II, just announced with a 4.7" screen, and a 16 megapixel Camera. These are the next generation of phones we are clamoring for. Why does Sprint introduce  a new Android phone  every 3 months or so, and give  all the love to the Iphone. Come on, Sprint, show Windows Phone  some love before we all jump ship. Everyone is not drinking the Iphone or Android Koolaid. People want a  variety, and the new Windows Phone  is it. We have been patiently waiting, not wanting to leave Sprint, but if this continues, we may have to.


Now we know why no new Windows Phones....

I definitely agree! I think Sprint needs at least 4 new windows phones. SOON. I was on the fence for a while for the HTC Arrive just because of the stats. But if Sprint can pull together a really good phone that I would really like, I might even pay full price outside of my upgrade!


Now we know why no new Windows Phones....

I fully back the expanding of the lineup for WP7 now.  I would like to see at least 4 new WP7 phones beyond the HTC Arrive with at least one of the new ones with a keyboard (I have family members that want keyboards) and two with LTE.

unfortunately if this is Sprint's position, that means that even if they changed their mind now, we won't see anything until at least May.  I will be long gone by May probably, unless Sprint announces something next month at MWC regarding WP7 before coming before June.  Sprint has really shot themselves in the foot this time with that position.

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