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Phones compatible with Sprint


Phones compatible with Sprint

I am not eligible for an upgrade yet and so I am sorting through all of the tech lingo on Ebay and I am having some issues with understanding what phones will be compatible with Sprint.  If I get any CDMA unlocked phone, will I be able to activate it on Sprint?  There are some Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile (which I know is a subsidiary of Sprint) that I am interested in bidding on, but I don't want to go through the hassle if I get the phone and won't be able to activate it.

Some are phones that Sprint has in their shop (like the EVO), but then there are some that are through Virgin Mobile (like the HTC One V) and I don't know if I will be able to activate it.

Please, do not talk about rooting and flashing and mucking about, just speak slowly and use small words.  I am not very tech savvy and if it is going to require a degree in Computer Science, then I really don't want to do it.  If there is an easy way to use the phone for Sprint, I would like to know how.

Thank you to anyone who can offer any help!


Re: Phones compatible with Sprint

When you buy phone from EBay, you got to make sure that it's Sprint device and Electronic Serial Number is active in   our database. If you've ESN number, you can always call Care (888-211-4727) and validate the ESN/Device that you're trying to activate is good for re-activation. You can also check if ESN is free and  good  for activation in this 3rd pty website..

Hope this helps



Re: Phones compatible with Sprint

Thanks Abe,

I actually did know about the ESN but didn't know there was a websiteto check the ESN, that is great.

Also, good to know that it has to be a Sprint device -- so a phone that Sprint currently (or historically) carried with their service.

Thanks for the help -- now time to go bid!

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