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Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?


Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?

Just want to get a sense how many people will like to get thier hands on a Nokia Windows Phone on Sprint.

Here is some info on some of the phone Nokia is planning to release.

Fron WinRumors.Com


Details on another Windows Phone Nokia device have emerged, indicating that Nokia may have a number of handsets on offer at launch.

Nokia’s “Sun” Windows Phone device has been revealed in a posting at a french Windows Phone site.Monwindowsphone.com reports that the Nokia Sun will be made available between November 7 and 13, shortly after Microsoft’s Nokia World conference. The phone includes the following specifications:

  • Windows 7.5 Phone Mango
  • 1.4Ghz Processor
  • Unibody shell polycarbonate
  • 16GB storage
  • 8MP camera
  • 3.7-inch AMOLED screen
  • Micro sim card
  • Available 7-13 November 2011

The Nokia “Sun” appears to be similar to Nokia’s “Sea Ray” and “Sabre” devices. It’s possible that both names are simply codenames and that the Sun will become the final branding for at least one of them.Nokia “Sea Ray”

  • Clear Black Display CBD
  • CarlZeiss
  • 8MP AF
  • 3.7″ amoled screen
  • 16gb internal storage
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango WP7.5
  • battery 1540mAh

Nokia “Sabre”

  • interchangeable back cover
  • CBD
  • 25gb skydrive
  • 3.7″ LCD
  • 8gb internal storage
  • 5mp AF
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango

Nokia “Ace”

  • 4.3″ amoled
  • 1800mAh
  • carl zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • mango+
  • HSPA+
  • CBD
  • 1.4 gHz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone powered device at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London later this month. A large number of Microsoft employees will also be speaking at Nokia World to detail the latest improvements with Windows Phone 7.5 and presumably some of Nokia’s software enhancements. Nokia is believed to be preparing its “Sea Ray” device for the first official public unveiling, alongside “Ace” and “Sabre” devices. Nokia Windows Phone devices are expected to hit shelves in time for the holidays.


I assume thats sarcasm since Nokias has been the biggest cell phone seller  in the world over the past 5-8 yrs


No it really wasn't. Seriously I haven't seen a Nokia phone in ages. I really thought they were gone.


So you have no idea whats going on. Nokia was the #1 Global Phone seller for years, and No Windows Phone is not like the PC OS. Which if you have Windows 7 is not bad. Also their new OS Windows 8 shows promise. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p92QfWOw88I)

But you don't have to get the phone, I just ask people to take a look at it before making a judgement. I had an iPhone and a Droid and they are all good. I took a chance with this new OS and its good, Microsoft just gets a bad rap. Xbox is a big success the #1 console in the US but no credits is given for that. Most people don't even know why they hate Microsoft other that they had a bad expereince with Vista or any earlier version of Windows.

I have a Mac and a PC and like both equally, I just like technology and that there is more competition out there.

But like my point before you don't have to like the phone, but try not to make a judgement before you try it. Remember Apple went bankrupt ten years ago and it took Mr. Jobs to bring it back, by changing everything they do. Change can happen.


I too would love to see a (insert OEM here) Windows Phone on Sprint. I, for one, have never owned a Nokia, but with my last Gold upgrade waiting on my account, I'm (im)patiently waiting on a new WP7 device to arrive. I've been following Nokia in the news and am excited to see what they come out with.

The next 8 - 10 months "could" be the time for WP to start its rise. I HOPE. This OS is BY FAR the best (in my opinion of course). MS is doing something right finally!

Oh, and yes - speaking from experience. I'm using the HTC Arrive right now.


Yeah, I am one of those guys that hates Microsoft. Everything they do is a blatant rip off of Apple, and a poorly done attempt most of the time at that. I have no interest in a windows based mobile device. I know I will be very happy with my iPhone 4s that is being delivered today. I have all Apple and Mac products so I want a phone that will easily synch with and be compatible with my other devices. Which I am sure a windoze based phone will not be.

As for Nokia, yeah they were big ten years ago. But I seriously don't remember the lastntime I saw or heard about a new Nokia phone. These days its all Apple, HTC, blackberry, motorola, and Samsung oh and LG


YES PLEASE!  I have been anxiously waiting for MONTHS for Sprint to get a new Windows Phone.  I am not strictly waiting for Nokia, I would use almost any phone manufacturer, although I do love Nokia's camera's.  I have taken it so far as to actually meet with a manager at the Microsoft Store in the Mall of America to see if they knew anything!  What blogs are people following for updates/rumors?  I currently check:





Who can we contact at Sprint to get them to go after a good phone!?!?!  They're trying to beef up their 4G network and their image so let's get some new phones to support that!


Uhm. Blatent rip off of Apple? Have you even seen a Windows Phone? Metro is NOTHING like Apple has or done! Android is FAR more of a 'rip off' from Apple! I respect Apple technology, I do. Without the pioneering efforts, the smartphone battles would not be what they are. Windows Phone, however, is a different approach to mobile OS, which actually started on their Zune HD.


So you love Apple, my question is why even write anything here! We are just here expressing our interest in a new platform. I'm very happy you are going to enjoy your iPhone, I have friends that work for Apple and they love it. I'm not trying to have an argument on whihc platform is better.

As far as "ripping off", its the tech industry, people take ideas from each other. But I will say if you were to play around with a Windows phone you will see that its nothing like the iPhone, which is why the won an award for best new UI design. But again you don't have to like it. Now Android is more like iOS but no one says anything about that. So what else was a ripoff?

Now as far as Nokia, I lived in Italy for 2 years 2009-2010, guess what was the phone most people had. You are talking about just the US. http://www.fiercewireless.com/europe/special-reports/analyzing-worlds-10-biggest-handset-makers-q1
I care about the world view because my family is not in the U.S. so I help them with their tech needs and whats available to them.

First quarter 2011 market share by OEM

But again enjoy your iPhone!!!


I'll be honest. I was VERY afraid on jumping the Android bandwagon when I purchased my Arrive. Why? Because of my experience with WinMo. I took the dive and, like you said, it's a completely DIFFERENT experience. I haven't had this phone lock-up or an app crash on this thing EVER. I mean that too! Now, I can't even imagine looking back.

I do, however, want to counter your iPhone argument. Sprint needs the customer base and, frankly, I would rather see them cut this deal with Apple then have to risk looking for a new carrier (or worse, be absorbed by another) because Sprint couldn't succeed in the market. Personally, Apple products aren't for me, but you can't argue the fact that they appeal to so many people. Sprint has Unlimited going for them right now and that's going to appeal to a lot of folks on other networks who felt 'shafted' when their data became tiered. This deal was just a necessary evil. I just hope the network doesn't suffer like AT&Ts did back when the 1st gen iPhones came out. YIPES.


Great points, like I said before I love all tech. I have a Mac, iPod, iPod touch. All great Tech, but I'm always looking for something new, a new approach (and Microsoft like it or not, is doing that). And its because Apple has been a force for the last 10 years. But I remind you Mr. Jobs said when he first came back to Apple, we were beaten by Windows. So Apple have the motivation to work hard and dethrone Microsoft. Now you add Google to the mixed and it equals better products for the consumer, and thats all I care about.

I ordered a Kindel Fire, I have a Zune HD, Xbox, all that stuff because I like having an Open mind about these things.

To have "hate" for a company like they personally came into your house and slapped you in the face, I will never get. I will save my hate for more pressing things, like "real" life situations, like unemployment, lack of medical care, education system etc. But to "hate" a company that much I will never understand


I have less than a year for my upgrade and I hope that by then Sprint has a better selection of Windows Phone ever since the phone came out it has caught my attention the only reason I got a Blackberry last year was to see how this plaid out now I want won. This as some of you pointed out is a completely different phone. There are prediction that in 2015 windows phone will top IOS market http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/03/29/idc_predicts_windows_phone_will_top_apples_ios_in_mark...


I like that you "get it". There is a difference between brand loyalty and full blown fanboy'ism. I'll never truly understand the latter. There are so many attacks like "your phone sux because it can't do this". Well guess what, at one point yours couldn't either. It all starts with an idea to spark reinvention and innovation. When one company takes an idea and improves upon it, we ALL win! Why? Reinvention. Because now someone else will say "wow, I like that. Lets make it better by doing this". Example: Siri voice. Frankly, looks pretty cool. Ultimately its a reinvention of TellMe(WP) which could be seen as a reinvention of Google Voice search.

Again, we all win. I appreciate each of the companies, much like you do. Just wish other people understood that.

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