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Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?


Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?

Just want to get a sense how many people will like to get thier hands on a Nokia Windows Phone on Sprint.

Here is some info on some of the phone Nokia is planning to release.

Fron WinRumors.Com


Details on another Windows Phone Nokia device have emerged, indicating that Nokia may have a number of handsets on offer at launch.

Nokia’s “Sun” Windows Phone device has been revealed in a posting at a french Windows Phone site.Monwindowsphone.com reports that the Nokia Sun will be made available between November 7 and 13, shortly after Microsoft’s Nokia World conference. The phone includes the following specifications:

  • Windows 7.5 Phone Mango
  • 1.4Ghz Processor
  • Unibody shell polycarbonate
  • 16GB storage
  • 8MP camera
  • 3.7-inch AMOLED screen
  • Micro sim card
  • Available 7-13 November 2011

The Nokia “Sun” appears to be similar to Nokia’s “Sea Ray” and “Sabre” devices. It’s possible that both names are simply codenames and that the Sun will become the final branding for at least one of them.Nokia “Sea Ray”

  • Clear Black Display CBD
  • CarlZeiss
  • 8MP AF
  • 3.7″ amoled screen
  • 16gb internal storage
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango WP7.5
  • battery 1540mAh

Nokia “Sabre”

  • interchangeable back cover
  • CBD
  • 25gb skydrive
  • 3.7″ LCD
  • 8gb internal storage
  • 5mp AF
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango

Nokia “Ace”

  • 4.3″ amoled
  • 1800mAh
  • carl zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • mango+
  • HSPA+
  • CBD
  • 1.4 gHz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone powered device at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London later this month. A large number of Microsoft employees will also be speaking at Nokia World to detail the latest improvements with Windows Phone 7.5 and presumably some of Nokia’s software enhancements. Nokia is believed to be preparing its “Sea Ray” device for the first official public unveiling, alongside “Ace” and “Sabre” devices. Nokia Windows Phone devices are expected to hit shelves in time for the holidays.


That's most likely where I'm headed for the Focus S or Titan if Sprint doesn't come up with something.  I would hate to leave Sprint because they suit my needs for coverage and price.  However I don't want another Android phone nor do I want an iPhone so if the company you are using doesn't give you choices you go elsewhere. 


Yes please! 


I'm happy to see that there are people that love tech as much as I do. I think all these Mobile OS's are very interesting. Lets not turn things into a bashing session.


Good to hear but I'm still disappointed


I would love to get the Nokia 800/Sting Ray/N9 running Windows Phone Mango on Sprint!!!! Having said that, I would want just about any quality new "Mango" phone from Sprint. I love my Arrive but I want some new hardware with a front facing/better rear camera. If Sprint doesnt get its act together soon I will be taking my family plan somewhere else where the phone selection is better and more diverse.


I think I reached a note of technical frustration this morning. I have read two blogs/stories comparing features between iOS and Android but neither of these articles mentioned Windows Phone ONCE! I think I'm going to start my own Twitter campaign and start calling these sites out! It really isn't right to the consumers to not show them ALL of their options. Heck, I called PCMag out this morning for tweeting an article about Siri - comparing it to Vlingo. Hello?! TellMe was on WP from the start and is being improved upon so far with each major release it seems. Granted, we've really only had 1 'Major' release, but I digress. Not trying to sound like a fanboy, but seriously now! While it can be 'exciting' to be the underdog for a while, it's time for people to TRULY see what the platform has to offer!

Again, the call is out to OEMs and Carriers...BRING US HIGH END WINDOWS PHONES!!!

Join me in the battle! 🙂 www.twitter.com/techygeek82


Agreed Engadget is gushing about everything iPhone 4S and yes I admit it's a cool phone but the attention Apple and Android get is over saturated.  Luckily there are some cool sites like winrumors, wpcentral, etc that show some love to Windows Phone.  However we need to keep getting the word out to change the tone cause carriers aren't giving it proper attention.  Go into a store and sales reps want to sell you anything Android or iPhone and steer you away from WP7.  This needs to change cause MS has a great product on their hands. 


I did go to the Mall of America to check out new phones.  There are several stores there that allow me to check out various models.  Sprint's lack of choice of WM7 phones is just plain weird.  So I am considering an IPhone.

I went first to the Sprint and Apple store to see the IPhone.  Nice phone.  A little small for my thumbs to text.  I do want a bigger screen.  It is easy to see which direction IPhone 5 will go.  I might settle for IPhone 4s.

Also at the Sprint store I tried out the Samsung Galaxy.  I am impressed with the screen and quality of the phone.  However, it is an Andriod device.  I do store client across my phone and computer.  So I am nervous about letting Google have rights and access to that information.  I need to have a reliable local snyc method with any phone I select.

I also went to the Microsft Store.  I was shocked to see a pretty wide selection of WM7 phones.  A couple of them would be exactly what I want.  Why does not Sprint pick up a couple more WM7 to offer a saleable variety?

I am holding off on renewing my Sprint contract hoping for some better WM7 choices, good local sync on Andriod or maybe IPhone 5.

Any thoughts???


Sounds like the Titan or the Samsung Focus S might work for you but sadly these have only been announced for GSM networks as of now.  Both of these phones will give you the screen real estate you are looking for as well as WP7 goodness.  If you can wait see what Nokia has to offer and if Samsung shocks us and sends Sprint the Focus S before you make your decision.  I figure by November a clear picture should be painted on what Sprint has to offer for WP7.  Otherwise a few of us might be GSM bound. 


A hope I have and maybe this is delusional is the rumored Samsung Galaxy SII device running Mango, if Sammy treats it like the Android version then the 4 major US carriers would get it. That would be quite the treat.

I still hope that MS and Sprint can work together to get some quality handsets on Sprint. There is a lot of passion for WP7 and users would jump at the chance to get some Mango love. Sprint you won't be disappointed, if Nokia comes to Sprint I am tempted to upgrade early and get one.


To my understanding the Samsung Focus S is basically the Gallaxy model with WP7 on it.  4.3 Super Amoled etc.  If this phone comes to Sprint I'd def pick it up.  I have a feeling we won't see any US Nokia love til later next year when it comes to CDMA so I'd get a Samsung in the meantime if we get it soon. 


That makes sense. I just have hard time thinking that MS and Nokia are going to leave Sprint/Verizon out in the cold so I guess its more of a matter of when not if. I am really excited though and I am not even close to an upgrade but I have read so many good things about WP7 and now Mango so I am really excited to try it out for myself.

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