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Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?


Poll: Would you Like Sprint to Get Nokia WP7?

Just want to get a sense how many people will like to get thier hands on a Nokia Windows Phone on Sprint.

Here is some info on some of the phone Nokia is planning to release.

Fron WinRumors.Com


Details on another Windows Phone Nokia device have emerged, indicating that Nokia may have a number of handsets on offer at launch.

Nokia’s “Sun” Windows Phone device has been revealed in a posting at a french Windows Phone site.Monwindowsphone.com reports that the Nokia Sun will be made available between November 7 and 13, shortly after Microsoft’s Nokia World conference. The phone includes the following specifications:

  • Windows 7.5 Phone Mango
  • 1.4Ghz Processor
  • Unibody shell polycarbonate
  • 16GB storage
  • 8MP camera
  • 3.7-inch AMOLED screen
  • Micro sim card
  • Available 7-13 November 2011

The Nokia “Sun” appears to be similar to Nokia’s “Sea Ray” and “Sabre” devices. It’s possible that both names are simply codenames and that the Sun will become the final branding for at least one of them.Nokia “Sea Ray”

  • Clear Black Display CBD
  • CarlZeiss
  • 8MP AF
  • 3.7″ amoled screen
  • 16gb internal storage
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango WP7.5
  • battery 1540mAh

Nokia “Sabre”

  • interchangeable back cover
  • CBD
  • 25gb skydrive
  • 3.7″ LCD
  • 8gb internal storage
  • 5mp AF
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango

Nokia “Ace”

  • 4.3″ amoled
  • 1800mAh
  • carl zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • mango+
  • HSPA+
  • CBD
  • 1.4 gHz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone powered device at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London later this month. A large number of Microsoft employees will also be speaking at Nokia World to detail the latest improvements with Windows Phone 7.5 and presumably some of Nokia’s software enhancements. Nokia is believed to be preparing its “Sea Ray” device for the first official public unveiling, alongside “Ace” and “Sabre” devices. Nokia Windows Phone devices are expected to hit shelves in time for the holidays.


The PC Magazine article is precisely why l started moving our business and my family plans.  I started transitioning our small business lines (8) last year.  Our business went from being a single company account to individual reimbursement plans with the advisement that they choose AT&T for WP7.  Zero users chose to remain on Sprint.  We completed that move last summer with our mobile hotspots being transitioned away from Sprint.  During the transition, we made sure to let them know the reason we left was their lack of hardware on the WP7 platform and poor data coverage.

I was willing to give Sprint another shot based on my family plan (cost vs benefit) but it seems pretty clear that Sprint has not gotten the message.  Despite a very vocal and active forum, they've chosen to ignore our requests.  Instead, they've made misstep after misstep and made it clear that they have a vague if not completely clueless understanding of the platform.  Windows Phone got several awards in 2011 for best new tech and currently holds a higher customer satisfaction rating than Android and depending on the survey, over iOS as well.  In contrast, Sprint's only offering is the Arrive which wasn't promoted, had sales staff that was not only clueless about it but actively turning people away from it, and was a mid-level offering priced at a premium price at launch.

I've been holding off renewing my lines with Sprint but this cinches the deal.  When my last line is done with the contract, I'm done with Sprint.  I've been with them since 1998 and I find it crazy that they're so obstinent that they can't see their way to satisfy a few users with some good quality WP7 phones.  To the VP in the PC magazine article, I sincerely hope you guys don't bankrupt your company.  We need something to keep the cost down on the other carriers.


Great Great feedback and I agree with everything you have just said. My wife is on Verizon all my friends move from Sprint to ATT.

Its amazing to me that a company like TMobile takes more chances on new phones and platforms. I understand that you guys have to make money and WP7 is not the top selling platform. but when you guys put out the biggest WP7 phone when all the phones are getting thinner. Also no advertisement. but again I'm not going to worry about it too much i'm moving my account to ATT of Verizon.



wow.. this is such a bad business move by a executive of a company to isolate a group of your customers saying the product is no good and not keep it to your self is mind blowing.. You might lose a couple of customers and might not hurt the company now but the word of mouth theses customers will spread about this bad experience and if a new company in the future has a hot phone like the iPhone was might not want to be on Sprint because the bad mouthing this executive did on windows phone keep the comments to your self and this grudge should stay private! FIRE THE BUM 


Yes. It would be great to have a Nokia WP7, especially with Sprint's unlimited data plans. I am waiting to switch from my current service to Sprint when a Nokia WP7 is introduced. I really hope I don't have to wait till August/September time frame.


Everyone I started a Facebook page dedicated to the Petition. The link is below. Please let me know if you are able to interact with the page and let me know if you have any suggestions.



I have been waiting for the Nokia Windows phone since Feb 11 when Microsoft announced it. I have seen the Nokia Lumina 800 in Nov in Europe and loved it. I have waiting to know when the US-Sprint will release it and found out … nothing, it goes on AT&T – I guess we will need to switch our whole account, 4 phones.


it is upseting to be with a company who does not have what u want......however, SPRINT IS IN 3RD PLACE.   ALthough in 3rd, they HAVE WAY LESS CUSTOMERS THAN AT&T & VERIZON!!!!   LOOK at the facts.....ANDROID phones are dominating the market, followed by APPLE,  BLACKBERRY In 3rd with 15% of the market & WINDOW PHONES holding 3% of the market!   Why would sprint really place stake in that market?


They took a chance with WebOS with the Pre and Pixie and that OS didn't have half the backing WP7 has from MS.  So I'd ask you why not?  Didn't Sprint also introduce and back the Kyocera dual screen Android phone? How did that work out for them?  With Nokia and others in tow providing top notch hardware and MS's backing of the OS I'd say it's a better risk than some of the one's Sprint has taken.  Sprint decided to pick up the Arrive which out of the first batch of Windows Phones was probably the least liked hardware wise.  Even still the phone has one of the best ratings on their site.  Sprint has also taken a chance on Wimax and now they are making no more Wimax phones going forward.  They should have just gone LTE from the start. Now they are taking the safe approach and being just another vendor of the Androd/iOS status quo.  News alert not everyone wants the same status quo.  I'll voice my opinion when I leave Sprint when the Nokia 900 becomes available. 


So your saying they don't want to take a chance to loose the 3rd spot and become the 4th spot and don't take a chance on becoming the number 2 carrier. I see your point THANKS FOR ALL THE CAPS IT REALLY HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR POST 😐


At&t has is rumored to have 45 day exclusive with the Nokia 900 so if it true maybe in Aug?


I just purchased a new windows phone ( htc arrive )  for my wife this past weekend and I must say for what she is going to use it for it is perfect for her.  I also played with the phone and found that I actually like the interface,  if they can get that interface on the nokia 900 then its a phone that I would purchase.   I am like many others here in the forums who wish that sprint had a better selection of phones.   I love my HTC EVO and have never had a bit of problems with it but If sprint were to sell the Nokia 900  I would probably switch to it.

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