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Problem Solved: Google Can't Connect with [Your e-mail] to Server


Problem Solved: Google Can't Connect with [Your e-mail] to Server

Hey guys, thought I might share this with everyone! I just figure it out a couple minutes ago since I have been waiting for Sprint to figure it out.

The problem that I have was that, all of a sudden (If you enable the 2-step secuirty on your google account), I couldn't sign on with my google account, since it has all my purchased apps and contacts. I thought I gave this option a try and see what happens and it worked!

Here are the intructions and I hope this works for all you.

1.) Sign into your Google account.

2.) Go to Account Settings.

3.) In the "Box Like" on the top right hand, is "Personal" and under as "Security". Click "Authorizing applications & sites".

4.) Scroll to the bottom that says "Step 1 of 2: Generate new application-specific password".  Enter the name. (Example: I name it "HTC EVO 4G" for future reference)

5.) It's going to provide you the password (It says in the notes, you can type it with or without spaces and you dont need to remember it).

6.) Write down the password or just grab your phone and input the password and you should be connected again to your phone.

If you have any questions, I would love to try and help you out! I hope this works for all you!

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Problem Solved: Google Can't Connect with [Your e-mail] to Server

Thanks for the tip on your issue with your Google account DeadIntermediate.  This is great information.

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