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Problems with Optimus S..... Again.


Problems with Optimus S..... Again.

my boyfriend and I both have the Lg Optimus S. It's still 7 months till we are able to upgrade and we are SOOOO ready to flush these phones down the toilet!!! Within the first month of having them, all my sensors went out and I had to have the phone replaced, a few months ago We had to have His phone replaced because it wouldn't charge and many other little glitches, Yesterday we had to take his phone up to the store because his sound completely quit working, and when he did a Factory reset the phone totally glitched. When the Tech at the store tried to fix it the phone locked completely up and so now we are waiting on that replacement. Not to mention we are having to do a Hard Reset on both phones at least once a week just to be able to use them at all! After we got home from the sprint store last night my phone started acting up Again.... now I don't get any sound for notifications at all, email, text, weather alerts, anything. My ringer is also soooo low (turned all the way up mind you ) that you can not hear it unless it is Totally silent when it rings and even then it's iffy. Is there Anyting we can do about this? I'm so tired of taking the phones in, having them replaced with another Optimus S, then having to deal with it all over again because it's the same model phone and has the same issues, not to mention that our closest Sprint store is an hour drive each way. Any advice would be appreciated. I will end up going crazy before another 7 months is up. I have 3 little ones and I have to be able to use my phone for appointments and other every day issues!!! Thank you again for reading and hopefully someone can help me.


Re: Problems with Optimus S..... Again.

Hey Hdunn08, I'm sorry to hear all the issues you are having with your devices and would like to offer my assistance.  Have you checked out our pre-owned device selection?  We have different comparable models available at low costs.  We have available the HTC Hero, BB Curve 3G, BB 8530, LG Marquee, Samsung Replenish, and Lg Rumor Touch for $79.99 each with no contract extension and you will still be eligible to obtain new discounted devices in 7 months.

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