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Problems with the S2 Galaxy


Problems with the S2 Galaxy

i have had my s2 for about a year, and about 6 months ago, noticed the phone overheating up to about 115 degrees when on charge.. i have had about 3 new/refurbished phones from the local store, then called for replacement with insurance.. this phone isnt overheating as bad, but i have noticed still overheating at times.. anyone else have this issue or ideas.. thanks.



Thanks for your input. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with you S2. I know that it's usually a great phone.

There could be several things that could be causing the issue. I've listed a few:

  • The battery may be corroded
  • The charging port on your latest phone may be corroded
  • The applications you’re running when you’re charging the phone
  • An application you’ve downloaded could be causing the phone to work too much

Next time the phone overheats while charging, try turning the phone off and ensure the phone has no extra cover. If you need to keep the phone on while charging, try to ensure all your applications are closed. Do this by long-pressing the HOME key until you see the list of active applications appear. You can then swipe each application from left to right one by one to close them.

If the problem persists I recommend checking the applications you’ve downloaded. Sometimes certain applications are known to “hijack” Android devices and causes different complications. You can try uninstalling any applications that you feel may be doing this.

If the problem yet continues, please try to re-visit a local repair center to see if something is wrong with the battery or charging port.

Thank you,

Giovanni R.
Sprint Social Care Team


Are you using the charger that came with the phone or another charger from a previous phone? Some chargers can put out more voltage or amps causing an over heat issue with the battery. Others may not put out enough voltage or amps causing the phone to never get fully charged, again, possible it can over heat as the phone has to work harder while in use.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

appreciate the info.. BUT.. as i said.. the replacement phones are coming from a sprint store.. so hopefully the batteries are good ( battery was replaced ) and SD card replaced as a solution, and the charging terminals if a brand new or refurb'd phone should also be clean and perfect coming from a sprint store..  what i am thinking and finding is if i leave a gps or anything on that looks for a location and the lack of extra strong coverage in the hanover pa area- causes the phone to overheat.. also, if i plug it in to charge.. it will sometimes connect well, while other times it wont and cause it to overheat.. the staff at the sprint store says it is a known problem of overheating- but apparently no one in the sprint customer service arena will agree or admit to it..

so apparently i have tried all the solutions and i have even paid to get a new phone but it still overheats.. hopefully other suggestions may still come through.. thanks.

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