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Regarding the Blackberry Z10 petition


Regarding the Blackberry Z10 petition

Out of curiousity, what multiplying factor does Sprint figure for one post equals so many subsribers? Certainly not everyone who would buy the BB Z10 if it were offered is posting on the forum or signing the petition. I've been with Sprint for nine years and haven't looked at the forum once until I googled "sprint z10" after the realease to find out about availability and was directed to others' posts.

I 'm just figuring that 1200 signatures on a petition is barely a drop in the bucket of 55 million subsribers, and wondering what seriousness, if any, is given to these matters.



Re: Regarding the Blackberry Z10 petition

- sierpinks.  Thank you for sharing your opinion in such a constructive way. The matter is taken seriously, but to be honest to get a device in production when it's not scheduled to be is a lengthy process New devices are planned way ahead as it takes time to get a device tested and production ready. Next to that the powers that be have a road map that we cannot see as well and this also plays a role with them.

What we have done as Social Media Care is connect all the topics etc back to the appropriate people. That is all we can do.

- Mark

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