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Samsung Epic - Not a quality product


Samsung Epic - Not a quality product

I would like to know if anyone else is having trouble with their Epic phones falling apart?  We are now on our third replacement phone in less than four months.  We received this phone two days ago and it is broke!  Pieces started falling out of the phone when the keyboard was slid back.  Unfortunately, Asurion (Insurance Provider) can not even put in a new claim until they receive the old one back.  They told me to wait 7 to 10 business days and call back to create a new claim.  I am fuming mad right now.  It is not our fault they keep sending us junk.  I've been on hold for over thirty minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor.  SPRINT IS GOING DOWNHILL WHEN THEY CAN NOT ENSURE QUALITY PRODUCTS!


I have now had my Epic for a year and I am not having any of those problems.

Sounds like you got a defective phone all right.  I can't believe you are on your third replacement.  That's what I don't like with "referbed" phones - people return them because there is a problem, they "fix" them and then resell them to the public. 

I don't like that.



I'm so very sorry to hear that you're having so many issues with your Samsung Epic.  Unfortunately, if you received a replacement device from Asurion, the replacement for the device needs to go through them.  Have you tried escalating within Asurion for a Supervisor?  They must have a process for replacing already damaged replacement devices.  I do know that they warranty their replacements.  Please let me know if I can assist you.  Possibly call Asurion with you so we might be able to resolve your issue a bit faster?

If all else fails, we do have other refurbished devices available for purchase on at reasonable prices (if you'd like to move past your Epic and you're not eligible for an upgrade).  To shop for available phones for you:

1.  Sign into your account

2.  Click on Shop>Smartphones

3.  Check the box that says Pre-Owned (This is located near the center of the page, one of the last options for the filter)

Hope this helps.




I'm also on my 3rd Epic so far.  This phone has been nothing but problems for the 2 years I've had them.  None so far have been hardware related, nothing is falling apart.  It's all software issues.

I can tell you this, since I replaced my original through Asurion, the replacement (refurbished as always) came with a one year warranty.  This means I was able to take it to the store when it was acting up.  I got my 3rd one through my local store, so I never had to deal with Asurion themselves.

Not only does Asurion have terrible over-the-phone service, but before I could get my 2nd Epic replaced, they wanted to run diagnostics on my phone while I was on the phone with them.  This meant calling them on another phone, and my cell is my only line.  There was NO exception to this.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Once I get my Evo 4G LTE I'm going to avoid Samsung products as much as I can.  Good luck with your Epic, and hope you get a better phone down the road!

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