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Samsung G SII- update


Samsung G SII- update

I still haven't updated from Gingerbread to IC since I've seen so many issues. 1. Have they been fixed or should I keep Gingerbread? 2. Is there a way to disable the request to update that constantly appears? 3. Will there be an upgrade to JellyBean for the SII? Thanks in advance.


Hi Help4TechChallenged, thanks for your inquiry. There have been fixes to the latest updates of ICS for the S2. Some people may still be having issues, and unfortunately there's no known way from Sprint to turn off the reminders to update. No news as of yet if the S2 will get Jelly Bean of not. For the latest on softwares updates, please visit out site:


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


You need to get off gingerbread man, its garbage. ICS is a good build for the most part. And yes, we'll be getting Jellybean this month actually! Way better interface, hopefully sprint's software engineers won't screw up the build with any nonsense. It's usually just stupid things like on the F127 build, my weather widget keeps disappearing just because, my screen brightness goes all the way down every other day or so, and it's just irritating. I would've stayed rooted if those damn updates didn't keep driving me absolutely insane! I'm going to find a workaround for that which I think I've already found. Either way, gingerbread is old news man, update to something better. I don't even think the old galaxy tabs are still on that platform anymore.

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