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Samsung GS3 question --- Not Ship Date!


Samsung GS3 question --- Not Ship Date!

While I anxiously (but patiently) wait for my 32GB White S3 to arrive, I would love to hear some numbers as to how many pre-orders there were for the S3 in the US. Anyone know of a reliable sourse for that?

I have read from numerous sources that there were 9 million pre-orders for the phone in the UK. (though some people on the forums have said that number represents the GLOBAL pre-orders, I believe that is incorrect as that statistic was released May 28th... a day before release in the UK and well before the US even began pre-orders (which started with SPRINT on the 5th!!))

I mean... If Sprint would like to comment on their number of pre-orders (don't need the financial info like how many phones were purchases with and without upgrades and what-not... and I don't care about how many phones you had on hand on launch day lol) then please do.

Hope the S3 is as big a deal as it's being made out to be! I know it's made me ultra excited.

DISCLAIMER: I understand there is a 99% likelyhood that Sprint will not, and can not, release numbers lol... The anticipation is killing me and I just want to hear something fun about my new phone!


I doubt Sprint will give a number for the pre-orders. If they did people would do the math and see how much money they got with out having produced a product and then compute the interest made for "x" amount of days. A lot of people are guessing emails will be going out the first of the week. On the bright side, we can start to see if there are any serious bugs with the 16g phones that have been shipped. So far it looks pretty good compared to other launch day phones. Also it seems like they got a working GPS finally in this galaxy phone from what I've seen at XDA so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

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