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Samsung Galaxy S3 3G Won't Work!


Samsung Galaxy S3 3G Won't Work!

Alright, I have tried resolving this issue with Sprint representatives a couple of times and they just tell me that they are running "troubleshooting" rather than hearing what the actual problem is.

Here is what is going on: I just got my new phone a couple weeks ago and I can only access the internet through WiFi even when my plan covers 3G browsing. This is weird but I did notice my phone downloading an update for one of my apps when I had my WiFi turned off. Does this mean that my 3G is indeed working and it's more of an issue with the browser? I have both Chrome and the default browser. Chrome says the webpage cannot be displayed because of a "DNS failure" and the default browser says that the page cannot be displayed. I also cannot access the Google Play Store over 3G.

My phone shows in the notification bar the 3G sign with an orange downward arrow and a green upward arrow so I assume that it is receiving data. I have tried restarting my phone of course. I have not yet tried a factory reset.

Anyone know something that I don't?



Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 3G Won't Work!

Oh wow!  I am so sorry to hear of your inconvenience.  I have seen this issue and there are a few things that I  can look into for you.  I will send you a private message to ensure your information is protected.


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