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Samsung Galaxy S3 Upgrade


Samsung Galaxy S3 Upgrade

Just curious... so I am eligible to upgrade my phone and get a $150 discount. But if I were to preorder the S3, it still comes out to the same price ($200) if I weren't eligible for the upgrade discount.

For example: with the upgrade disount, I get $150 off along with $200 off for instant savings. But if I were to add a device to my current plan rather than upgrading, the total price would still come out to $200 since it would just give me $350 off for instant savings.

Why is that? Shouldn't I be able to get the phone for less?


Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Upgrade


Samsung Galaxy S® III 16GB (Pre-order)

  • Regular price = $549.99
  • 2-yr Agreement = $150.00 off
  • Instant Savings  = $200.00 off
  • 2-yr Agreement and Instant Savings total $350.00 off ($150 + $200)

**Your final price: $199.99**

I do apologize if it is confusing. But your $150 off is bundled in with the instant savings to give you the highest discounts possible.

Thank you,



Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Upgrade

I am still sort of confused.

So, with what you are saying, I would get my $150 upgrade discount since I am eligible. And then that is bundled with an extra $50 off because of the instant savings? Which would total to $200, correct? Then that would add to the 2-year agreement which is $150 off... totaling to $350 off.

I just don't understand why the phone would be the same exact price compared to if I weren't upgrading anything. Because, for example, if were to add another phone to my plan, it says that the instant savings and the 2-year agreement are bundled together for $350 off... which would be no different to if I upgraded my phone, with what I said previously.


Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Upgrade

in other words when ever you sign a NEW two year contract you get the same discounts. when you upgrade you sign new two year contract. when you add a phone you sign a new two year contract.

your 150.00 off is for a new contract (the 150.00 upgrade discount is because your signing a new two year contract) (add a phone you still sign a new two year contact)

then you get a instant 200.00 off

or just look at it like this when you add a phone. your upgrading from no phone.

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