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Samsung Galaxy SII epic 4G touch mms/sms


Samsung Galaxy SII epic 4G touch mms/sms

I have issues sending pics to people in my phone contacts... capture or get picture,(compresses it) have tried no text and adding text to the attached pic.Send pic and constantly shows"Sending" Also, sometimes I get a MMS from someone, opening my messaging, box shows the pic (or opening screen shot of a short video) text is listed below it and if it is long text, I will show "(more)" in the bottom right hand corner of message box. Touch box, opens to picture, and no text at is displayed.  *tried sending one of the same pics to my friends email instead of phone and it sent fine to the email* This basic flip phone from 5 years ago did this with ease..... H E L P!   


Samsung Galaxy SII epic 4G touch mms/sms


     I'm sorry you're experiencing issues. We have received reports of these issues and the issue with the "more" you're describing should be addressed in the next maintenance release. As for the first issue, I believe it's software related, try downloading Go SMS from the market and retest sending the pictures to your contacts, let me know if that works.

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