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Smartphone choice. Help needed.


Smartphone choice. Help needed.

Looking to replace a BB Curve 9330. It is too slow for internet use.

Plan: SERO-P 

I think the current generation BB physical keypads are too cramped and hard to use.

Moto uses it on the Admiral and XPRT. Otherwise I'd go with one of them.  Following

are what features i need.  Any recommendations appreciated.

Good Radio - signal strength/reception.... EVDO Rev.A... fast web browsing.

Prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard for messaging.  I generally like hybrid models that

have both a physical and touch screen keypad - both for text and dialing...

Also a reasonably good camera.

I'm fine with 3g, and want to stay at my 40/month rate.

Apps..not a huge deal but i gather Android or BB OS are better than Windows Phone for Apps.

What I'm considering --BB 9930 - has an easier keypad  and touchscreen - except they left out a dial keypad... and

Samsung Transform Ultra. 

What's stalling my decision is, i don't know Android at all - is the interface as intuitive and easy as a BB or Iphone?

Simplicity and ease of interface is key.

I'd like to stay off-contract and buy something Used... don't care if it's discontinued or current model - but will consider

a new phone with 2-yr contract if it comes down to being the only solution.  Really appreciate some thoughts and

any recommendations. THANKS!

Mike S.


Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

Have you seen this phone yet?

It may not be cutting edge but it has a physical keyboard and runs Android.


Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

hi, it is kinda limited ... i like the idea... i don't know if i'd want it on the SERO-P plan if i could get the transform ultra for the same price.  i do like what they're going for with this one tho - just can't figure out why someone wouldn't do a higher-end version of this...?

might try one if i can find it used for cheap...  honestly i'm starting to get weary of this whole 'almost what i want' thing --  they've made it so you have to just adapt to all-touch - iPhone would be the way to go in that case, to me anyway - or... wait and see if RIM / BB gets a clue and offers a true hybrid touch AND physical keypad full-featured device -  9930 does come closer to that, but... why not make the display bigger and include a touch phone dialpad if they're gonna go as far as they did with that model  -

will give the express a closer  look in any event.  thanks!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

I work at Sprint, but not in customer service... just read your comment. Have you considered the Motorola Admiral? It's a Direct Connect Device (PTT), but you don't have to pay for the service, and the DC button is reassignable.

Remember whatever your choice, you have 14 days to take the device back if you decide you don't like it for whatever reason. Oh, and if you don't find something on the Google market with the Admiral, try looking through the Amazon app market. I did that to play Words with Friends. lol

Hope that helped,



Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

Go with a Motorola phone if you want a strong signal.

I traded my Nexus 4G for the Motorola Photon and I am very happy.


Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

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Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

Hello MSCHWAB2, If you are looking for a QWERTY keyboard that’s not too small you have a very limited selection. To answer your question best I would say I love android, the interface is easier to uses than Blackberry’s in my opinion, much wider variety of free, and moderately priced Applications when compared to any other mobile OS. With most androids going without a keyboard is pretty easy , I use the Evo 3D, and type with the Swype application, which for most is quicker and easier than using a physical keyboard. If you do feel a QWERTY keyboard is a necessity I would suggest the Samsung Epic, or the Kyocera Milano, if you are going to buy in a store, or from telesales, you may want to ask about the HTC Evo Shift, it’s a good solid phone. I'm not sure which EPRP (formerly SERO) plans are compatible with each of these phones.

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Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

I'm still hanging onto my 'ole' Samsung Epic because it still performs well and has a keyboard.  I've heard that the Epic Touch is fairly easy for those of us used to keyboards to get accustomed to, but I haven't taken the leap yet.  Yes, I'm an old Palm user:)


Re: Smartphone choice. Help needed.

hi and thanks for the generous replies thus far...opinions from actual users are always the most useful reviews for me. For me, if i'm gonna go

all-touch, i guess i'd bite the bullet and jump up to an iphone... All my 'puters are Macs and it's just...familiar.  This is a tough call - there's a

certain simplicity to the BB that i've gotten used to (not so simplistic and straightforward as Palm OS environment or maybe WebOS. 

No matter what i do it looks like i'm staying at the 45/month rate if i go to ANY other smartphone instead of a BB so there's a whole wide realm to choose

from.  How about the signal strength of the radio on Samsung vs HTC?  I do like MOTO stuff as far as that goes .. understand, i know what a

Sanyo 9000 flip-phone was like and haven't seen a smartphone match its reception yet - at many times the cost; )

So... Samsung Epic (old) ...  with slider/keyboard - looks like a contender now ... but...the Transform Ultra can be had for the same rate unless

i'm mistaken and gets some great reviews.... and AFAIK any iphone on Sero puts me up at the 55/month rate right?   

As long as i'm at it...let's say i want to cheap out and just buy an old Android and keep basic SERO...(like...30/month)... even if it was just as

a sort of temporary phone while i wait for something better to bowl me over...    Are there any worthy 'first-generation' models that stand out...

I'm talking like, Hero...Moment...geez my head spins with all these names anymore... 

Thx again for your time,


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