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Sprint Phone Warranty - A Scam?


Sprint Phone Warranty - A Scam?

I have been a Sprint customer for a few years now. I don't know much about phones but I was recommended the HTC EVO SHIFT. Naturally, I trusted the store merchants to provide me with the best option. As time progressed, I have had a continuously increasing amount of problems with my phone. One of the most frustrating ones (acknowledged by Sprint and the community) is the home screen loading issue (Nearly every time I use my phone and press the "home" icon, it takes upwards of 15, sometimes 20 seconds until loading is complete). If an emergency every came up (which is a main reason I have my phone), this would be a SERIOUS issue. God forbid I'm ever in a situation where I need to call 911 immediately. Another issue (also acknowledged) is the problem it has with attaching images to text messages (In most cases I need to: Press the attachment button, select camera, select gallary, select 'all photos', then find the photo I need - 2 OR 3 TIMES). You can see how this can get extremely frustrating. Finally, one of the most important issues is its unreliability with receiving messages/phone calls. I am unable to receive text messages on a regular basis. A friend sends them to me and I simply do not receive. On top of that, Today I was expecting an extremely important phone call with information about a follow-up interview. During the time I was expecting the call, I did not receive any text messages from a few friends I had been communicating with. For about 6 hours, I received nothing- I finally reached out to my friends, only to find out that they had tried texting AND calling me. When they called- It appeared as I was on the phone with someone else and it did not give them the option to leave a message. It did not show that they called or sent messages on my phone. So now, I have no information on how to contact this company, and if I figure something out, it looks bad on my part.

The first time I had this phone, the batter had a full red water damage indication. The Sprint store tried a few resets (including a factory) with no luck. I was forced to pay the $100 for a new phone (reasonable, due to the water damage indicator). Now, I have the same phone, SAME issues. I have contacted Sprint about this, had my phone reset, and have had no luck. My only option is to purchase a brand new phone for FULL price... This phone is nearly brand new and still is a piece of Junk (there is no water damage to this one). I'm extremely upset becase I was recommended this phone by a Sprint merchant and now am forced to continue to use it until my contract expires. All I want is to switch to a different phone (something reliable). I'm even willing to pay a reasonable amount for an upgrade!

If I can't get this issue reasonably resolved with Sprint, the first thing I will do when my contract expires is switch providers- And anyone that asks me about the Sprint service will get my full opinion.


Re: Sprint Phone Warranty - A Scam?

Hi Manik,

Sorry to hear about your phone problems. I do agree there are numerous problems with the first generation EVO phones from HTC including the Shift, EVO 4G, and EVO 3D.

As a Sprint employee I'd like to present you with an option. The first thing you should check to see is if you're upgrade eligible. You can do this by calling Sprint or going to your local Sprint retailer. If you are upgrade eligible then you should consider simply getting a new phone. If you like HTC, I recommend the HTC EVO 4G LTE. This is the latest generation of EVO and has a very high user rating. As a Sprint sales rep and ASC technician I receive very little complaints from my customers about this EVO. If you are not upgrade eligible, but are close to your upgrade eligibility date then you may qualify to do what's known as an Early Upgrade. There is a fee involved with this process and the minimum amount is $50. But if the fee is reasonable and you're desperate to change phones, this may be an option to consider. To qualify for an Early Upgrade you need to either call Sprint or visit a Corporate Sprint store. Please be aware that Preferred Retailers and Authorized Dealers (i.e., Best Buy, Radioshack, etc.) are not authorized by Sprint to give you an Early Upgrade. Corporate Sprint must first approve the Early Upgrade and once your account is set as Upgrade Eligible and the fee is paid, THEN you can go to any store that sells Sprint phones and get your new phone.

The last option for you, if we've ruled any chance of upgrading, is to take your phone in to an Authorized Service Center (ASC) and have a technician look at your phone. If it is deemed that your EVO Shift has a know firmware issue than can not be solved with a hard reset or software upgrade, AND if you have Sprint's TEP insurance (the $8-$11 per month insurance) then you would qualify for what's known as an Advanced Exchange. With an Advanced Exchange (AE), Sprint will replace your phone for free under your insurance. If you qualify for an AE then ask your Sprint rep in the store to let you know of the different models of phones your qualify. An AE doesn't mean you will get the same phone. If you are routinely having issues with the EVO Shift then you would be eligible to choose a completely different model of phone that's comparable in price to the EVO Shift. Again, this is a free service offered under your TEP insurance. Please keep in mind, however, that most phones offered for AE are refurbished devices.

I hope this helps in some way.


Ryan C.

Sprint Preferred Retailer

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