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Stolen Galaxy S 3

Stolen Galaxy S 3

I recently bought a Galaxy S 3 on Craigslist, and, long story short, I'm pretty sure I got scammed.  When I tried to activate the phone, I got a message back saying the phone was already active.  What can/should I do from here?  I don't expect to get my money back; I'm thinking I could do one of the following:

  1. Contact Sprint, give them the phone and whatever info I have on the guy, and see if they do anything about it
  2. Same as #1, but go to the police
  3. Hold on to the phone and do nothing with it
  4. Sell the phone on Craigslist as a phone with a bad ESN

Any other suggestions?

Also, I did some Googling since I had the guy's name, email, and phone number, and it seems like this phone is actually owned by the guy who sold it to me.  Does anyone know the scam?  Was the plan to sell it to me then report the phone stolen?


Re: Stolen Galaxy S 3

give sprint a call tell them the same thing you posted on here see what they say.  hopefully you have proof of purchase.

Re: Stolen Galaxy S 3

What that means is the phone is still active on his account. The person's account may be on a non-pay disconnect or he/she may be in collections oweing money on his account. Which means, that phone will not be able to be released off of his/her account until he/she pays their bill and cancels the line.

You may want to try and get ahold of the person who sold the device to you and see if you can get your money back.

I am so sorry, yo uhad to go through this. In the future try going to this website and see if the esn is clean before you buy from another person:


Re: Stolen Galaxy S 3

icantusemyname: I haven't had a chance to call yet, but I did chat with a couple Sprint representatives, and they made it seem like I was pretty much SOL since I wasn't the account holder.  I was thinking I would at least like to return the phone to the owner if it were stolen or at least to Sprint since it was not doing me any good.

raylitherland67: I appreciate the condolences.  I actually did use that site, and the ESN is actually good!  That is why I am confused!  The phone is currenly working and has a phone number!  I tried to get a hold of the person, and he was just being super shady about the whole thing, which contributed to my suspicion that something was not right.

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