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Switching to Sprint Part 2


Switching to Sprint Part 2

Earlier this week I wrote a detailed response about my experience with Sprint. I have not heard back from any Sprint associates. My service continues to experience drop calls and extremely slow Internet service I cannot justify paying such a cell phone bill with a company in which I can barely use my phone. I really wish I had a name within the sprint organization that I could mail a letter expressing how I truly feel about this companies customer service experience and the misinformation I was given at the start of my service. 



I just checked on your other posts and you’re totally right after the original response nobody came back to you, so let's see if I can correct that. I just reviewed your zip code. I can see there are 2 towers with issues but this should not affect you in the way you describe. Next to this they are currently still working on upgrading your area and fine tuning the footprint of the new towers that have been placed. This can indeed cause service issues like they already advised you.

Are both phones having issues or does your wife's phone have more issues than you?

Are you having the issues mostly at home, on the move or at work?

Can you give next to the zip code some cross streets of the areas that you have issues?

Have you tried updating your data profile and then after that power cycling your phone?

I am sorry but I cannot see your account history from here so I do not know what has been asked or tried.

- Mark


Sorry to say try

This is the Sprint way .

You will get a let try to fix  deal .

Then you will not get a reply for a few weeks



I am here to help, what's going on?  I hope we can change the way you feel about us.

Thank You


Sprint Social Care


Hello to keep it short .

I still hear beeps during phone calls thought my area .

2 . I've been getting the run around from your company .

3 . I have been receiving text messages state in I need to reapply my company discount

Which I've done since since dec ...

4 .  I'm just tired of the .we here to help .slogan.

When all  i see is he we here to do is divert tactics .......

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